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May 29, 2009


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I have always held a susipicious view of any kind of organized Religion or "political movement" trying to use our Saviour Jesus Christ and twisting his words to suit their political ideologies. In fact, I outright resist this kind of talk (even coming from you). I don't believe in religiion based on man-made doctrines as Paul and Jesus both warned against. It is my faith and I view that faith as more of a relationship with Christ, my savior and that I strongly hold as a personal to me and that is all I am going to say on this issue.

Good Day and God Bless!

roger doger

Just as in the book of Exodus that the midwives refused to kill the first born sons of Israel. remember it was the law of the land in Egypt. And also it was the law in Germany in ww2 to say it was alright to kill the subhumans.

So God,s law is above mans law. God is Just and also God is love. One must always look to God and His word to see what he says about it.

Just because government pols scream about the law of the land, must take into account.

Steve Sibson


Garah is providing his Bible research. This is not about "organized Religion". Joseph Farah's point is no different than those who signed the Declaration of Independence. Do you not appreciate that political movement?


As I said before Sibby, my faith is a personal issue and it is not up for you or Roger to involve yourselves in. End of story.

Steve Sibson


You did not answer my question. It was you that decided to join in on this post, so don't blame me for infringing on your "personal issue" of faith. And at the same time, you and the rest of the Secular Progressives should understand that you are infringing on the rights of those who do want to voice their faith publicly. It is obvious that your real agenda here is to stop all of us from expressing our faith. If you don't want to express yours, then fell free to not do so. And I hope you will return the favor by letting us have the freedom to express ours.


Sibby, I do not have to answer your question. I told you that my faith is a personal issue and it is not for you to turn into a political crusade. Private means just that. Take a hint.

Steve Sibson

Mac, my question was in regard to a "political movement", not your faith. And it is you that has turned your faith into a political movement...it is called secularism.

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