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April 19, 2010


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Of course the "we" is "them." It's always "them," and it's never ever ever Sibby's fault. Sibby is Saint in Sibby's mind. I have news for you: you better read your Bible more closely because we are all sinners and when you start to believe everyone else is to blame except your side, your just as much as the problem. I don't say this Sibby, in a mean way, but, I have to call you out on this one because you are plain wrong.


Sibby, pride is getting you just like the side you are against. You both are full of arogance and pride and both sides fail to see this. So, you are just as much at fault as the rest of us, but, of course you will never ever see it that way because in your mind...and this is where the pride has blinded you (your ideological pride I warned you about months ago). We, including myself, are all guilty here. Not one is innocent. We must ask for forgiveness daily in prayer because despite your ideology, Sibby you are not the miracle and you do not have the answers that only God has and he will bring that to bear when Christ returns, but then and only then.

Steve Sibson


What side do you think I am on?


Sibby, its not about sides...see you still failed to understand what I just said. You are so blinded by this us versus them that you continue to make these wild judgement calls thinking you are making a difference when all you are doing is adding to the chaos and confusion. I'm reading the posts of man that is not interested in helping others, but, interested in scoring points for his ideological agenda. You seem to have a passion for passing yourself off as always being right, doing no wrong, and serving as our judge and jury. I got news for you (but you won't listen) God did not give you that authority. Sorry.

Steve Sibson

Guard, I understand what you said ("both sides fail to see this"), but you did not answer my question. What side do you think I am on?

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