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October 30, 2012


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Fact Checker

And let's not forget that Daugaard's campaign has raked in at least $7,500.00 in campaign cash from SDAHO as well.

In fact, during the 2010 election cycle alone, SDAHO gave campaign contributions to candidates in no less than 60 House and Senate races.

In 48 of those 60 races (80% of the time), their favored candidate won a seat in the legislature.

So I'm afraid you're probably right in saying that neither the governor nor many of the members of the House or Senate will dare to speak up against IM 15 and risk "biting the hand that feeds their campaigns".

Once folks become aware of these facts, it really shouldn't be a shock that SDAHO PAC was able to spread enough money around to garner the votes they needed to pass SB 38 and SB 43- both of which have helped clear the path for implementation of Obamacare in South Dakota.

And as you know, the big hospitals stand to reap a considerably larger share of the market once Obamacare is implemented due to a provision in Section 6001 which places a moratorium on the opening or expansion of any more physician owned hospitals.

In other words, Obamacare is truly a law that only crony corporatists like Kelby Krabbenhoft, T. Denny Sanford, and their BFF Dennis Daugaard could love.


Also note that Kelby Krabbenhoft has said at the June 2011 Promise Lab conference that.."no matter what you politics are, we cannot repeal PPACA sometimes called "OBamaCAre" or Sanford will have to go back to the drawing baord".!!!! Also given the fact that Rounds now works with Daschle at the Bipartisan Policy Center...there is no way Rounds can say he is against brureacrat controlled healthcare. In Dascle's book, "Getting It Done" he tells how this Bipartisan Policy Center literally wrote the ObamaCare plan "outside of congress..." (Sounds like our Lust for Power BIll got its idea here!


Mr. Sibby, we need people like you with analysis ability to help show the public that raising taxes on food for old people like me to give to these fat cat hospitals and school administrators is insane. Please make sure people in your town know the truth people who live there listen to you and trust you to know.

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