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November 16, 2017


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SD expat

South Dakota is doomed, Sibby. Save that last bullet for yourself, lil buddy.


Well researched. Seems many Establishment members are being outed these days;) Hear that flushing sound, it's the swamp draining.

I'd prefer my tax dollars support SD communities and the people working to make them great too. Seems we the people are no longer allowed to be involved with the process, but that's not anything new.

Special interest groups were the only ones to speak on this. Isn't that stacking the deck? Why should we be surprised, a tactic used over and over to silence others.

"More on that later..." Great, thanks.

larry kurtz

South Dakota is a chemical toilet where disease and a culture of corruption are celebrated as economic development.

That Sibby represents the extreme wrong wing of his earth hater party comes as little surprise.

larry kurtz

Check out this morning's red state failure roundup!


larry kurtz

Hey, Sibby: you have a twitter account. Search for South Dakota there to see how the state is buying shares in Union Pacific, Monsanto and more.

Here's my take:


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