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November 20, 2017


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larry kurtz

Hey, Steve: why are you ignoring Dan Lederman's history as a Democrat and his ties to Zionism?

larry kurtz

Let's review:

Timothy McVeigh was 27, Eric Robert Rudolph, part of the Christian Identity movement, was 30, Eric Harris was 18 and Dylan Klebold, 17, Jared Loughner, 22.

All these men were victims of bullying, isolation, and ostracism. All seven had histories of extensive video game exposure and easy access to firearms.

Bruce Edwards Ivins is a 55 year-old Zionist and anti-abortion anthrax weaponizer.

Eric Frein was 31: his right wing views led him to assassinate a state trooper and the attempted murder of another.

Adam Lanza was a christian. Dylann Roof is a christian. Devin Patrick Kelly was a christian. Stephen Paddock was a christian.

The odds of a fatal terror attack in America by a refugee? 3.6 billion to 1.


Yet another clear example (evidence) the Muslim way of life is not compatible with Western Culture. Didn't Linda Sarsour, a supporter of Siraj Wajjah, say it wasn't necessary to assimilate? From what I've been reading... immigration without assimilation is an invasion.

Did you catch these terrifying situations?

80% of Swedish police consider quitting over migrant danger. Javar, a suburb of Stockholm, has closed down it's last police station and is now putting in microphones to alert police of crimes. Imagine that happening to the city of Aberdeen.

A Pakistani Christian teen was beaten to death by Muslim classmates for drinking out of the "wrong" water fountain. The religion of peace strikes again.

Well reported, Sibby Online!

larry kurtz

The blood of a billion people are on christian hands just in the last two hundred years alone. Islam is not nearby as big a threat to America as white people are.

larry kurtz

A christian dropped two atomic bombs on non-christians now another christian wants to nuke an entire nation. If christianity is a religion of peace Pat Powers is yoga instructor.

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