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November 22, 2017


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larry kurtz

America has become the Hamiltonian Empire Thomas Jefferson warned us about.

US imperialism created the Somali refugee crisis where ISIL chickens are coming home to roost in Minnesota now Syrians are fleeing another Israeli/American war of aggression now it's taking its toll on American airmen in South Dakota and other remote locations.

President Thomas Jefferson warned that a standing army and the right to bear arms are mutually exclusive. He was also a reader of Thomas Malthus.

Rapid City sez: fuck you, Mr. President; but, thanks for the dough.

It's just a matter of time until Hell comes to breakfast.

larry kurtz

Trump is killing US service members and non-white civilians far beyond what President Obama did. New data show nearly $5.6 TRILLION has been spent on military expenditures since the 9/11 false flag attack.

But you know what scares me? Retaliation in the form of a truck bomb rolled into Rapid City Central or Mitchell High Schools after an American drone pilot targets a religious service or wedding in Afghanistan, Somalia or Yemen.

The blood is on Republican hands, Steve.

Steve Sibson

Larry, I agree with your opposition to the Neo-cons of the Deep State. But sadly, they are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood too. Let us agree that all of it is wrong. And can we also get to the point of realization that the Establishments of both parties are wrong? Perhaps then us citizens can drop the in-fighting and get down to some serious critical thinking and sharing of research.

It is the Establishment actions of both parties that is preventing us from establishing the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist movement. We must also do that for the good of those Arabs who do come to this country so they can be American without losing their cultural identity.

larry kurtz

Huh? Bob Ellis is more dangerous than any Muslim in South Dakota. Get a grip, Steve: you're fucking nuts.

Steve Sibson

Larry, sorry you still insist on being part of the problem.

larry kurtz

Do you seriously believe people other than the extreme wrong wing of the Republican Party buy into your crap? Look what Pat Powers and the voices inside his head are doing to Lora Hubbel. The instant you take on his earth haters is instant you’re gone from his sidebar. Principled conservatives my pink glutei.

larry kurtz

Steve, your stuff is way easier on the eyes when you apply your accounting skills to South Dakota politics instead of flying into fits of fantasy on winless snipe hunts. You are better than this.

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