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November 29, 2017


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larry kurtz

South Dakota hates American Indian kids. Pick a lane, Steve.



As I wait patiently for your post about the lecture, I came across more proof we should be seriously concerned about Islamic extremists...

A Christmas Market, in France, had to cancel because they couldn't raise funds to cover security costs. Since the 2016 Berlin Christmas Market terrorist attack, cities had to increase the anti-terror barrier bill. You know those barriers wrapped in Christmas paper or painted festive colors?

Lauren Southern (YouTube) has been doing some serious and dangerous reporting about the migrant situation in Britain and other European cities. Her most recent video "A London mosque called the police on me" captures a very telling perspective about what culture represents to some people.

Sargon of Akkad (YouTube) also has an interesting video discussing Trump's recent tweets concerning Muslims abuse towards non-Mulisms.

You may already know of these people and their reporting on this topic, just thought you might be interested in where some of my information comes from.

larry kurtz

South Dakota's legislature is a hate group.

Hatred is a South Dakota value spread by an uncharitable christianic religionist majority masquerading as a big tent.


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