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February 13, 2018


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Micheal Gunn

I want to thank you for the article. It brings even more light on what I stand for and so agree. I believe that if I were an American born citizen, the initial outcome on the accusation would hit a bit harder. But one key factor that left a whole in Tanzeea's remarks was that I was in fact a 1st generation Legal immigrant. I was vetted in "1970" migrated from Germany with my Mother and adoptive Father in the military at that time. It is true that I am against anyone who violates my as well as any other Citizens rights as well as the Constitution as it is written. But an even deeper expectation is to follow Our Laws as I did. I believe that I have just as much right possibly a bit more "experiencing" the vetting process by law to demand others do the same. No exception. During all this accusation process by Taneeza, everyone should consider another important fact ( I was vetted again in "2013"). Being vetted twice yet they believe it is ok to come here Illegally. Thanks again! Sincerely: Micheal Gunn

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