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July 22, 2006


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bill fleming

I'm just as American as you and Rush are, Sibby. And it seems extremely dishonest and insulting when you suggest that I'm not.

I don't think you guys get anywhere with that level of thinking over the long haul. Sooner or later, you'll have to come to grips with the fact that no one has a monopoly on moral authority.

Take HB1215 for example, there are Repubs and Dems on both sides. All good folks. No one is wicked here except perhaps those who accuse others of being so. We become what we hate.

You'll also have to admit someday soon that because you all hate government so much, you'll never be any good at running it.

Hey, that's all understandable, right? I mean, I'm just sayin'...

Your pal,


Jeff Meyer

OKAY, Go over to the Kos Krap website and read some of the nutty comments that are posted there. It's amazing how vile, how obscene their comments have gotten. If this is truly a cross-section (or representative sample) of the Democratic party, then we conservatives are in deep doo doo if they ever get back in power.

Steve Sibson


I am not saying you are not an American. You are an anti-American American if you voted for John Kerry, who is the poster child for the anti-American movement for almost 40 years now.

bill fleming

It's not anti-American for some Americans to be critical of other Americans' foreign policy philosophies.

Representative Democrocy assumes differing opinions. If we wanted constant consensus, we would only have one political party and a King to rule it.

America works BECAUSE we tolerate differing opinions, not in spite of the fact.

The days of brow beating the opposition into submission have to end if we are to continue to enjoy the liberty the Founders had in mind for us.

For you to suggest that I'm anti-American if I voted for Kerry is a case in point. By extention, you're implying that I'd only be an American if I voted for Bush, or didn't vote at all.

I just don't agree believe that Sibby.

In fact, deep down I don't think YOU believe it either.

Come on, dude. Fess up.

Steve Sibson

"By extention, you're implying that I'd only be an American if I voted for Bush, or didn't vote at all."


I did not pick Kerry to run against GWB, the Democrats did. You can't pin that choice on me. Kerry trashed America to the glee of the communists during Vietnam, and he is trashing America to the glee of the terrorists today.

That is anti-American in not jsut my book, but also to many others.


Well, if Sibson was around in 1776, I wonder what he would be advocating...


Steve Sibson

"Well, if Sibson was around in 1776, I wonder what he would be advocating"

The same thing us conservatives are advocating now...the principles of our Founding Fathers.


What would that be? The idea that advocating that anyone who holds differing opinions is Anti-American?

bill fleming

well I didn't "pick" John Kerry either, Sib. But I certainly prefer him — even to this day — over George W. Bush. (Just so you know, I'd vote for Al Sharpton in a heartbeat. Colin Powell too, for that matter, but not Condy.) So it goes, huh"

P.S. If you call me Anti- American one more time, I'm going to tell your mom you're not playing nice. And you won't get dessert.

Steve Sibson

"What would that be? The idea that advocating that anyone who holds differing opinions is Anti-American?"

Like having an opinion that someone's position is anti-American? No one said you can't have your anti-American opinion. It is the Politically Correct left who says we can't say what we believe to be the truth. Sounds like the Politically Correct left includes you.

Steve Sibson


Al Sharpton is a racist.

What's wrong with Zell Miller or Joe Lieberman?

bill fleming

I like Joe L. a lot. But he's a little too hawkish for me.

Zell M. seems kinda wacky and mean spirited.

(Remember when he went off on a rant and challenged Chris Matthews to a duel!)

I don't know if you get to call Al a racist. I don't think he is. But maybe he's a little wacky too. Even so, I really like the way he talks. But I'd suppose I'd vote for Colin Powell before Al, push come to shove.

I also like Rudy Gullianni and John McCain. I think we could trust those guys. Rudy more than John, probably, but I won't be voting in the Republican primary so you folks will have to sort that one out.

But Sibby, you know, the president we need, and in fact the one we should already have right now is Al Gore. Clearly, the world would be in a much better place today if we did.

Steve Sibson

Newt Gingrich is the man Bill.


Yes, I am politically correct.

I don't use racial slurs.
I don't define people by their race or religion.
I don't use profanity casually.
I treat people with respect.
I don't use obsolete words to label people.
With due respect to Sidney Poitier, I don't view myself as a white person or a black person, but as a person.

I indeed am all of those things, therefore I have no problem with you calling me "politically correct".



Why would you suport a man like Lieberman who is in favor of legalized abortion and is so strongly denounced by the pro-life community? Here's a link:


Steve Sibson

Jaxabed, Thanks for clarifying Lieberman. He is pro-American, but anti-life. Not bad for a Democrat, but I still did not vote for the Gore/Lieberman ticket in 2000.

You also don't do much, including identifying your true identity. What are you scared of?

bill fleming

Steve says: "but I still did not vote for the Gore/Lieberman ticket in 2000."

Well you screwed up Sib, what can I say? Just don't do it again, man. Start voting for people who know how to think. People who know how to learn and grow and change. People who understand diplomacy and compromise, and the interconnectedness of things.

We need them now.

Your boy George has got us in a real pickle here. After the 2000 debacle, I was thinking we might be ok if GWB would just be a "do nothing" president and get the boot after 4 years.

But it didn't turn out that way. See what happens when ignorant, stubborn people run off half-cocked on some insane power trip?


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