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October 11, 2007


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Douglas Wiken

Steve, there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the page for Badlands Blue.

Even so, I am still not sure why the powers that be don't just start a blog called "South Dakota Democratic Party Blog". It would make it so much easier for Democrats to find to see if anything is alive and well in the Democratic Party and all-the-not-so-bright Republicans would never read anything that might expand their horizons or knowledge.

Although, I probably shouldn't gripe. It only took them about 2 years after I first suggested they have blog before they got around to discovering blogs for themselves.


So, is this Lowell guy supposed to pick up where the "Clearly Corrupt Kid" left off? More paid bloggers, just what we need....sigh


Lowell has a conscience and uses evidence. He also provides analysis to back up his arguments...that is never seen on this hack's website.

Sibby, don't jump the gun and label everyone who disagrees with you as liars. Lowell is a partisn just like you, however, he is much more articulate and more of a gentleman...I would say he represents South Dakota Values better than you do...I feel sorry for your mother.


I see that you can register for a blog at the Dem's website...I guess that answers your question Steve.


It takes about 1 minute to register for an account at Badlands Blue (the name, by the way, is a lot more interesting than "South Dakota Democratic Party blog"). All are welcome, but profanity won't be allowed, nor will "trolling." For a definition of "trolling," see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll

By the way, the way a community blog works is that anyone can register, but only "front-page" posts are approved by management. Opinions expressed by other users of Badlsnds Blue do not necessarily reflect the views of the blog or the South Dakota Democratic party.

Sibby Online

Lowell, thanks for your clairfication. And yes, I know what trolling is: it is another politically correct technique to stifle free speech by the far-left Cultural Marxists. And the "approved by management" proves that Badlands Blue is controlled by a central authority. As I stated in this post, the use of the term "community blog" is misleading and an example of how the lying left operates.

Sibby Online

Matt, your comment would fit into Lowell's definition of "trolling". Thanks for showing that the far-left creates rules that others have to follow, but you elite-minded fools don't.

And I dso have a question...Matt who? What's the matter, the chicken has your identity?

Sibby Online

Now I await Todd Epp's definition of "full disclosure". Does it apply to those whose front-page posts are approved by Badlands Blue's management? Or is that just another rule that applies to others, but not Democrats?

Sibby Online

And Todd,

Does those who post with just their first names fit into your full disclosure rules?


All you need to know is that I am a South Dakotan and I support Lowell and his efforts to bring everyday people to the South Dakota blogging community.

There is no reason why anyone who posts should fully disclose their name. You would use your blog to slander and discredit them -- like you have Lowell, Todd, and many others who have don YOU no harm.

Like I said, I feel sorry for your mother.

Sibby Online

So Matt,

You think it is OK to be slandered by those anonymous chickens that one does not even know the identity of?

And Todd Epp, what do you think about the anonymous authors at the South Dakota Democrat web site? Does that fit your full disclosure requirements?

Sibby Online

I left a comment at Epp's web site and he deleted it, so I quess he doesn't want to answer the question of full disclosure.

Sarah Wallingford

Maybe Epp wants you to get the hint that he's ignoring you. No one is under any obligation to answer your questions.

Sibby Online


You are right, Todd is ignoring me. And he is under no obligation to answer me. And the reasons for those two is that Todd cannot argue against the truth that the Democrats expect others to follow rules that they themselves don't follow.

Sarah Wallingford

Can you expand on the "rules" which you refer to?

Sibby Online


The rule of full disclosure for bloggers is the point of this spread. I hope you are paying attention. Other examples:

President lying to the American people
(Nixon vs Clinton)

Politician involved in a fatal car accident
(Janklow vs Kennedy)

Legislators and Pages
(Foley vs Sutton)

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