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May 13, 2009


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Bob Ellis

Thanks, Steve.

I wish she had shown better judgment when she was younger...but then, based on what I've seen so far I've done a LOT worse than she when I was younger.

I wish she showed better judgment about some things today...but then, I wish I did, too.

"Not judging" others doesn't mean everyone gets a non-critical free pass for bad behavior; Biblical nonjudgmentalism means that we speak, affirm and reiterate the standard when we see it violated--whether WE violate it or whether someone else does.

Thanks for adding much-needed context to Cory's teenage spin on this issue.


Read the whole thing the first time and wasn't fooled. Sorry, guys: you're still exalting for your political purposes a woman who is a terrible role model for our daughters. Plastic, fakery... yup, still the perfect spokesperson for your pernicious lies.

Steve Sibson


You were fooled by the lies of humanism before you read the post. And you continue to show intolerance toward the Truth.

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