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February 04, 2011


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Scott Fredericks

Did you happen to READ the 'history' standards? IF you did, which I assume you didn't, you'd see that the standards are for social studies LITERACY, e.g., how to distinguish fact from opinion in the social studies area; how to read and analyze graphs, charts, and tables related to social science data, etc.

There are NO history or social studies CONTENT standards associated with the Common Core - SDDE didn't mislead anyone. Neither CCSSO nor NGA have any intent to develop social studies/history standards.

Get your facts straight.

And let me get this straight - you're bent out of shape because of the adoption of world class standards that raise the bar on student achievement and define what EVERY student needs to know to be successful in college and career - how can you be against that?

"Jim Bolin's HB1153 is probably one of the most important pieces of legislation proposed during this session of the South Dakota legislature". Seriously? He thinks the Common Core deals with English and Science (wrong, math) and manufactured a standards crisis when none exists.


Did you testify, Mr. Sibson? I was told that you were almost superhumanly lobbying both the house and the senate this week, and I am glad you are in Pierre exposing the truth.

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