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June 02, 2011


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Steve, you are at your best when you tackle immediate local issues like this. Only you can tie together Mitchell city government and creeping globalism. Nice to see another post! And nice to see you agreeing with Mel Olson.

Steve Sibson


Thanks for the comment. But I am not tying Mitchell to globalism. I am pointing out that the leadership of the SDGOP are doing that. I hope my agreeing with Olson comes down to more than just he being a Democrat. That is very shallow thinking.

larry kurtz

And thank you, Cory, for keeping Sibby in your blogroll or i wouldn't have seen Steve's great post.

Who do you like in the GOP presidential donnybrook, Steve? i promise to keep mum. You should know that ip is a globalist.

Steve Sibson

The presidential race is a no-winner. Regardless of party, the only choice we will end up having is between two CFR one-Worlders.

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