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August 10, 2011


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I have to admit, I appreciate where Rep. Nelson is coming from on this issue. Alas, when Rep. Nelson gets credit from Steve Sibson and Cory Heidelberger, he's doomed!


If it takes about one week and costs about $2,000 to provide the requested info on the web in an easy to get to format, then what is the real reason that the powers that be don't want it? I vote for total transparency (the kind Stace wants, not the kind that Obama promised!). Keep up the good work, Stace.


The young Mr. Nelson is on a mission, and I will be interested to hear why what he wants can't be done. This is the modern era, we can put information on web pages easily. Or at least some people can like this Mr. Fry.

(Vote Sibby and Newland in 2012)

Stace Nelson

To think I thought that it would be at least 9 months again before I enjoyed that lovely feeling one gets from bashing ones self against brick walls.

That's it! I am drinking the Kool Aid. I am throwing facts, logic, reality aside and I am going with the naysayers. I will start by selling my ocean front property near Fulton and taking my family on the road with our recently won internet lottery millions that they we will pick up in Scotland and then jetting to Nigeria where we will pick up our share of $50 million dollars of African monies people forgot about. Then we will return in January & obey the Sith voice that says "these are not the votes you are looking for" the public to see.

Less stress & more fiber the VA doc says.

Gonna need lots more Kool Aid in order to swallow that (BS) fiber.

I do have this nagging questions that I could use some help with, since all of the motions we make are procedural to advance or deter an issue, is the 7-7 "much more better" of a procedure because we nicknamed it "smoke out?" Where in our rules & laws does it say we hide that vote? If committees only make recommendations, how then can a recommendation, before the full recorded vote of the House be final disposition when the full House decided the fate of a bill? Did the Legislature somehow discover a Einstein-Rosen Bridge and travel back in time? Is not the full recorded vote of the House "major action" to a bill? Oooops, I am showing my "extremist" nature again by not supporting opposition to the GOP party platform.

I forgot, these things have nuances that are waaaay too complicated for us average commoners to grasp. Carry on good people, "these are not the droids you are looking for."


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