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December 21, 2011


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Mr. Sibby.

THIS is the perfect example of why we need you in Pierre. If you don't want to serve as an elected person, then serve as a citizen lobbyist/analist. Go forth and help Mr. Nelson and those who want to shine lights into dark places. Just please make sure you do more damage to the Ds than the Rs, my good sir. And I owe you a breakfast the next time I'm on my way to Sioux Falls.

Steve Sibson

Don't you think the South Dakota Dems are hurting bad enough already?

Troy Jones

How about thinking and debating issues instead of relying on innuendo, adhominem attackes and name calling?

Or being specific expressing where my summary assessment is wrong.

This said, I wish you a Merry Christmas. He has come to live among us. Thanks be to God

Steve Sibson

"borrowing from liberal nut job Saul Alinsky"

That summary assessment is wrong, and would fit into "innuendo, adhominem attackes and name calling". How does the shoe fit on the left foot Troy?

troy jones

Sibby, then just correct where my summary is incorrect.

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