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March 08, 2012


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larry kurtz

theocon fits you, stevie.


Why do you need to label everyone Larry? Your commentary often ads nothing to the SD Blogosphere.

Steve you make a great point. I appreciate your site.

larry kurtz

often is often enough, mikey.


OK, so you took info about practices in China, where having a son is culturally important. (and, for the record, I think that the idea is stupid and horrible; if you want to have a child, the gender should be the last thing you worry about) And you made it, or the author did, seem somehow universal. And ignored the data that shows that sex-determinative abortion is non-existant here (and almost everywhere else), but decided that it was because of what happens in China.

And then tied it to homosexuality here? Really?

(BTW-it's Sam, the guy in RI who hasn't been around lately. How'er ya doin'?)

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