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March 14, 2012


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My hat's off to you, Steve. Now please, tell me you are going to hammer Vehle in every campaign speech and every debate on his aye vote on HB 1234.

Steve Sibson

I will try and work it in with the rest of his pro-Obama policy positions.


Just remember, Steve: you're not running against Obama. You're not even running against Noem. Try to spend less time shouting about Obama and more time focusing on specific South Dakota issues. Can you make the case that Vehle's policies are bad without adding, "They're bad because Obama wants them"?

Steve Sibson

Cory, you partisans seem to not understand that both political parties are controlled by the same wealthy international ruling elite. Education is "THE" example of that. Just read Will's column to understand that the last four presidents implemented the same globalist pro-corporate socialist agenda. From H Bush's global New World Order, Clinton's School to Work Goals 2000, GWB's NCLB, and now Obama's Common Core Standards and Race To The Top.

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