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April 15, 2013


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Julie Gross (NE)

Cory's atheism and his loud anti-Christian bigotry must be demeaning and to all men and women in the ELCA. And, as a leader and a pastor in the ELCA, this HAS to be embarassing to females pastors who are wives of atheists.

Now, I do not want to get into specifics of why particular men and women pair up, but I cannot imagine any scenario under which an atheist could claim to "respect" his wife's faith, ESPECIALLY if she were a pastor. The two are wholly incompatible--to say what he has said about Christianity demeans ALL Christians, liberal or otherwise.

Imagine if a man said publicly, "I do not believe that a woman should have a career outside of the home, but I respect you honey so go ahead and work if you want."

Or, if he said very publicly:

"Women should stay at home and have babies, but I cannot force you to believe as I do, so go ahead, get a job if you want, and use contraception if you want. How about some cuddlin' this evening?"

Ypu cannot have it both ways, at least if you want or expect some cuddlin'.

Julie Gross (NE)


I sent you an email a few days ago--did you get it?

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