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April 01, 2013


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larry kurtz

Sweet post, Steve: pax vobiscum.

Julie Gross (NE)

It's so amazing how one can rant and speculate about all these other folks who have been "obsessively insulting and attacking me, Matt Varilek, and others",

but never once consider or even acknowledge the hate, bigotry, homophobia, sexism, conspiratorial paranoia, and vitriol that forms the basis of his own blog and columns.

There's something wrong in that insular unreality.

Granted, I've occasionally been a bit over the top, but always in an effort to reveal the absurdity of those posts to which I respond. Mea culpa if I'm not dealing with readers who can recognize that tactic--but when readers live, work, and blog in a dark cave of like-minded trolls, I probably shouldn't expect any degree of higher thinking.

Good job exposing more liberal hypocrisy, Sibs.

Julie Gross (NE)

Here's an example of meeting absurdity with the absurd--KKKory of course focuses on the over-the-top satirical portrait of the Democrat (as libel) but never mentions the satirical protrait of Verlilek's Republican opponent, and S. Dakotans in general--ALL in an effort to mock Kory's moronic suggestion that a polical ad from last year insulted S. Dakotans, but S. Dakotans apaprently did not realize it until Kory pointed it out. Of course, Kory never answered the question posed of him: most likely since my expose rendered his comment fully neutered.

"The ad was an insult to bright young South Dakotans who labor under the mistaken notion that South Dakota will respect and admire them for seeking great educational opportunities, traveling the world, and becoming experts on global issues. ”

Brilliant analysis of that ad. And since you were able to discern all of that with your limited abilities, what wasn’t Matty Verliek able to do the same thing?

Why wasn’t Matty–the world-traveller, foreign educated, global expert–able to look at the xenophobic & backwards folks in SD as you did and figure out for himself that he had little chance against that ditzy Noem? Really, if caheidi can figure it out, why did Matty waste thousands of dollars and endless hours trying to convince those inbred S. Dakoatans to vote for the bright young South Dakotan with world experience and a global expert?

Either you’re right heildi that S. Dakotans resent intelligence and worldiness [sic: "worldliness"] , or Matty was a dimwitted drunkard who thought his vagabond resume could fool S. Dakotans. Which is it?

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