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April 01, 2013


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Julie Gross (NE)


Thank you for taking the time to document why Mudvile Slimes is such a pretender.

It's a personal balance sheet where scores are settled, masquerading as a blog. Cory lies as he did when he claimed I was a Republican--since he believes that he knows me, he could have visited the county election commission and looked up my political affiliation, but he chose not to face the fact that he was wrong. He plagiarized DWC material, and tried to avoid responsibility when caught red-handed.

His bizaare rants against Christian prayer and pseudo-scientific opposition to bisexual marriage to connecting the school sentinel bill to a drop in SD tourism(on SD Magazine), all point to a person suffering from delusions of grandeur, racist and bigoted attitudes, and downright meanness. He's a bigot. He's mean. He's just not very South Dakotan.

On a more personal level, his hypcrisy when it comes to atheism is devolutionary. He proclaims the enlightenment found in atheism, but he married one of those neanderthal Christian Believers--apparently, his atheism is subservient to to his loins. What a hypocrite.

I would have appreciated attribution for your use of one of my DWC comments ("I hope that his brand of vindictiveness, personal grudge, and hate for anyone unlike himself can be turned around into tolerance").

Hopefully, Kooky Cory will leave SD to real S. Dakotans, and someday find the peace of mind & heart that he cannot find in SD. Lucky for us, more people are emmigrating to SD than leave.

Steve Sibson

Julie, thanks for what you do and for your comment. I have added attribution to the comment I found at SDWC.

I really don't want to get into a personal attack toward Cory or Erin. But the truth needs to be told. Even though Cory has blocked me at Madville, I will allow him and Erin to start a conversation on the research I have presented on this thread. I hope the two, plus the many others who have been deceived, gain from it.

Julie Gross (NE)

I had forgotten about his vitriol towards Rep. Hansen is just so hateful. To him, all policy differences are personal attacks on him or those he knows, thus he strikes back with the ugliness that he's so well known for.

It's not pretty, and it's not becoming of a public school teacher.

"Hey, everyone, I've put Sibby on time-out. Let's be cool, and let's be real."

"cool" and "real" are code words for, "Only posts like mine are acceptable--you can use profane language as long as you agree with me--otherwise, you're banned."

There's something delusional going on.

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