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October 30, 2013


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Cory Allen Heidelberger

Sibby, I didn't attack any conservatives in my post tonight. You and I don't need to have a disagreement on this issue. Whatever's going on with these investigations, there's a high probability it has to do with a serious indictment of the crony capitalism that you and I both see as inimical to our state and country. This could be one of the strongest issues on which principled conservatives could attack and unseat folks like Rounds.

Could be. Could be. We still need to hear what the investigators are really looking at. Now would be a great time for you to get back to some of the original investigative blogging you did once upon time.

Steve Sibson

Cory, yes we both agree that crony capitalism is wrong. Sad that you attack those who also agree with your "Tea Party" are radicals agenda. It is sad that you expect us "principled conservatives" to go after the crony capitalist as you attack us for being radicals, conspiracy nuts, and theocrats. That is not at all helpful. I also find it amusing that you come over here and tell me how to run my web site as you ban me from yours.

And did you miss the part on this post that pointed out the support the SDGOP economic development agenda from the South Dakota Democrats during the last legislative session? Correct me if I am wrong, but that support included you.

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