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February 26, 2015


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larry kurtz

Well, this a pretty despicable post, Steve.

Take on the lobbyist for the food industry when someone dies of obesity-related complications after becoming a Medicaid or welfare recipient but not the NRA for its role in taking a life by creating universal access to guns?


Coming from Larry Kurtz, I'd say "despicable" is an indication that your column is spot on.

They'll use ANY death,and even cause death, to further their agenda.

How despicable.

Steve Sibson

Larry, you and your fellow Madvillites support women killing their children. So clearly this case is just a bunch of anti-gun political rhetoric designed to support destroying South Dakota and the United States constitutions.

larry kurtz

Killing children with guns is criminal, Steve: terminating a pregnancy before the third trimester is not. A pre-Socialist, Thomas Jefferson would be horrified to learn that the constitution governing the US today still stands: he believed it should be rewritten every generation.

Steve Sibson

Larry, if the father terminates the pregnancy before the third trimester, it is murder. And the constitution is no longer governing the USA today.

larry kurtz

Really, Steve? Both of those statements contain grains of truth but are false in toto.


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