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March 12, 2015


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Sibby impostor at DWU

Sibby having as many guns as we desire is what we have a right to under our Constitution to protect ourselves and help our country if need be.

It's not just guns. I'm in the process of purchasing a M60 Tank for restoration and an M113A2 Armored Personel Carrier to put on display at my property and drive once a while. I'd like to do a live fire exercise but wouldn't be able to do it here in the area. Hahaha!



Have you deleted comments?

Concerned SD Citizen

Mr. Sibson,

Looking over your comments it looks like your name is included in the 1st sentence as if it was addressed to you. Is there something else that indicates this is an imposter? Otherwise I see no impersonation unless you deleted that.

Otherwise good posts!

Steve Sibson

The original label was only "Sibby" I added the impostor. I know, still confusing, but I chose not to delete them. Based on the IP, I added the DWU or Dakota Wesleyan University. Sad that we can't be up front and honest. Kind of like someone whose birth certificate says male, has a penus, but demands to be a girl.


" I know, still confusing, but I chose not to delete them."

Have you deleted comments?

Yes or no, Sibby?

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