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March 04, 2015


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"I love South Dakota."

It does not love you back. Go away HATE.

" I refer to South Dakota as a whole as my home, as my community."

I refer to myself as George Clooney living with Beyonce, and Ft. Knox as my bank account. We all have our fantasies.

" I refer to people all over the state, from Madison to Spearfish, Aberdeen to Pine Ridge, from Mobridge to Springfield, as my neighbors."

Most of whom don't know you from the garbage man.

" I write first and foremost for my South Dakota neighbors"

You write because you're angry & intolerant, and have been for a long time. Just as the folks at MHS.

"I write to provoke those South Dakotans"

You sure do--and S. Dakotans universally reject your brand of personal attacks.

". I write to ...have conversations about South Dakota and about how to make our state better."

Well Corey, you could leave, and pretend again that you're actually in SD--that would make SD better.


Say, has anyone uncovered more information on why Corey "left" Spearfish Schools?

Remember how he claimed that he "resigned" his position before Spearfish offered any teacher a contract! You cannot resign if NO ONE offered you a contract for the next year!

Is there more to that situation?

Spearfish, as with most districts, would be very leery about offering a third contract to a teacher, since a third contract also offers more procedural protections for a teacher that the district may want to lay off.


Roger Cornelius


For someone that claims that you aren't at mad at Cory for blocking you, you spend an awful lot of time whining about it.

Move on, Get over it Sibson

Steve Sibson

Roger, why are you happy that I am banned? I think it speaks volumes on your intolerance.


Rogers views do reflect poorly on his level of tolerance, as well as his lack of critical evaluation of what occurs at Mudvile.

Roger & Larry are two example of the Unthinking Disciples that the Madvile Church fosters.

Its ugly.


"Move on, Get over it Sibson"

We ALL need to speak out against the hate & intolerance generated and approved of by Corey and his disciples, even if cloaked in a "political blog" run by a S. Dakotan.

Only when Coreys employer holds him accountable for the despicable rants found at Mudvile will we ALL be free.

We've heard these KKK-types try to excuse hate & intolerance:

Hey MLK, get over it!
Hey Treyvons parents, get over it!
Hey Ferguson, get over it!

Why Roger chooses to ally himself with such garbage is between him & his creator.

Roger Cornelius

"Why am I happy your are banned"?

Very simple, you are a complete bore and take up valuable space.

Steve Sibson

Funny how you liberals are so interested in being bored.

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