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August 28, 2015


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SD Concerned Citizen

Just be thankful you don't live in Sioux Falls. The Premier Center siding the pool, cost over runs. Fiasos Debt for a long long time.

Roger Musick


I thought you were becoming more reasonable but I see you have had a relapse. Freedom of speech is GREAT but when it is totally BULLSHIT it needs to be exposed.

The concept that people don’t want to sign your petition because “Their fear is not with the mayor, who supports the referendum, but with the crony capitalists who run this town. One of them is Roger Musick” is totally ridiculous. People don’t want to sign your petition because they don’t want to be associated with your ridiculous comments. I think Occam's razor principle would indicate that people don’t want to sign your petition JUST because they don’t agree with you.

Just to set the record straight I have no interest in running Mitchell and very much appreciate the people that do volunteer their time to run the City. Other then sign a couple petitions in the past I have never looked at who signed or didn’t sign any petition and don’t plan to in the future. I’m not even sure if that is public information but would guess it is.

I am proud to be a capitalist and very busy at Innovative Systems which does almost zero business in Mitchell. My interest in improving Mitchell is 100% to make it a better City for my family, employees and other Mitchell residents. Your concept that everyone has some sinister motivate is just not true. Mitchell has many good citizens that volunteer time to serve on many boards for the City and non profit organizations in Mitchell and they should not be criticized for donating their time to improve Mitchell. It is obviously your right to say anything you want but don’t expect others to want to follow you.

Your thought that people won’t sign your petition because then we won’t hire them is crazy. First I wouldn’t know if they signed a petition and secondly we employee less then 2% and only people in a very specialized field. How many of the people that wouldn’t sign your petition were software programmers or software support specialists?

The City council decided to make the pool a higher priority when the parents of the swimmers stepped forward and said they would raise $1 million and try to get the motels to support a bid. The first I knew this was even happening was when I read it in the paper. It is very good when the City can leverage private donations and reduce the required taxes.

You often are critical of the low wages in Mitchell which is primarily caused by the high number of jobs in the hospitality industry in Mitchell. We have this high number of hospitality jobs because of our location on I90 and very minor impact from the Corn Palace. It appears you think we should spend more tax dollars on the tourist industry and create more very low paying jobs. Is this what you think?

Do you really want to spend multi millions of dollars to build another museum attached to the Corn Palace paid for with tax dollars after closing two museums within 300 feet of the Corn Palace or are you just anti everything?

Do you want to spend $250,000 for each employees office for a new City Hall?

I was very clear where the $2 million was coming from. To say I was falsely claiming anything is just Bullshit. The Bid is approved by the motel owners which obviously supported the pool or they wouldn’t have voted for the bid. We all know who pays the bid but the motel owners make the decision which project they think will do the most good for Mitchell by approving the bid. The motel owners had no interest in a bid for the Corn Palace or City Hall to my knowledge.

I to hope the City can lower taxes but would prefer to borrow money and build major projects when interest rates are VERY low. I would think you would understand this.

We have no idea who will be the low bidder for the pool construction, it won’t be me or any company I’m associated with. So I will not benefit financially in any way from the pool. The people that will benefit from the pool will be our children, grand children, employees and older people that use the pool.

tara volesky

I believe there are much better ways to raise money for these projects, than on the backs of the taxpayers. For example, the Gymnastic team, which is sanctioned by the SDAA did not go to the city taxpayers and ask for 2 or 3 million dollars to build a new gymnastics building.
The city of Aberdeen did not go to the taxpayers and have them pay a majority of a 15-20 million dollar rec center. There are many INNOVATIVE ways to get projects completed than by just using the majority of the money coming from the taxpayers. See, I have a problem picking and choosing special multimillion projects without the citizens of Mitchell having a say. If it's a good project for the community, the people will pass it. I am very concerned about the High School the is such an embarrassment compared to other AA schools in SD. People want nice looking updated schools and I believe Mitchell will never get a new HS because a bond issue will never pass because of special interest priorities. The Rec center should be sold to the school district for added classroom space and gym space and a new rec center and pool should be built downtown. Scrap the new city hall and take care of what we have and Roger, how would you like to pay a corporate and personal income tax so the middle class and home owners can have their property taxes reduced 60 percent and the tax burden would be switched over to the upper class that want these projects.

Roger Musick

In the USA we have a form of Government where we elect people to pass laws and make day to day decisions for the Government. If we don’t like their decisions we can force an election. If we constantly force elections no one will want to run for election because they are always being second guessed. Our form of Government is based on the elected officials taking extra time to understand the issues in detail that many voters don’t take the time to understand. Sorry to say today often voters base their decisions on sound bites instead of real information.

If you have great ways to raise money for good causes great just make it happen.

While the oldest part of the High School was built in 1967 it has been added to a couple times. It is the oldest building in the school system and I believe there is a plan to replace it when required without requiring a bond issue. Our school administration and school board has done a great job. The teachers in our school system today are very good dedicated teachers and far more important than buildings.

We all have to pay our share of the cost of Government including me. In general our State and local Government have done a good job minimizing the size of Government. If South Dakota decides that an income tax would be beneficial then I will gladly pay it. I do already pay State income taxes in other States where we have businesses. I think we are all lucky to live in a State with good fiscal responsibility.

I think improving the income of Mitchell residents is the most important factor. We can only do this by providing a high quality of life so people with higher paying jobs want to live in Mitchell.

tara volesky

What ever you say Mr. Status Quo.

SD Concerned Citzen

Miss Volesky which 15-20 million dollar rec center are you talking about in Aberdeen that didn't use taxpayer money?

Roger Musick

Thanks Tara. I do think we live in a nice City, in the best part of the country and in the best country. The Status Quo is very good but can always be improved.

tara volesky

SDCC, The Rec Center in Aberdeen I talking about is the YMCA. A non-profit board raised millions of dollars from businesses and grants.

tara volesky

Yes Roger, I would rate Mitchell the number 1 city to live in in SD. I believe with a few minor changes it could even be better. Sometimes I get a little to passionate about things. I have never been status quo, because I am to much of a rebel.

tara volesky

If you read my fb page, you will understand why I am a rebel or an activist. There are way too many oppressed people in SD. It doesn't have to be that way if the silent majority would get out and vote.

SD Concerned Citizen

Miss Volesky it looks like the city of Aberdeen(taxpayers) spent 4 million on helping to build the new YMCA. http://www.keloland.com/communities/aberdeen/localdetail12092.cfm?id=177120

SD Concerned Citizen

This may help but it does point out that taxpayers did spend a significant amount on this new facility.

Community Pledges $6,400,000
City, State, & Federal Grant $4,250,000
City Payment of bonds $2,000,000
Total: $12,650,000

tara volesky

You're are good SD Concerned Citizen. Maybe we should model cities that aren't so dependent on local taxes. By the way, I have the info, I just don't know how to copy and past. I took a tour of the Aberdeen Y and was very impressed. The 2 in Sioux Falls, Pierre, Fargo, and Bismark know how to put funding together also. I know how to do it also, but they don't want to get proven wrong. I just wish Mitchell was a little smarter when it comes to putting financial packages together for multi-million dollar projects. Aberdeen is almost twice as big as Mitchell and got a beautiful Rec Center with pool for only 2 million dollars of city bonds. Not bad!

tara volesky

SDCC, From you're numbers, it looks like the city of Aberdeen spent 2 million on bonds. Where did the other 2 million come from?

SD Concerned Citizen

Miss Volesky I'm sorry I just quickly got those numbers off the Aberdeen YMCA and Kelo's website but remember that there was some substantial taxpayer money involved. The NSU Barnett Center had local taxpayer money also and was planned originally for a competition pool but there were some things that didn't go well as they could of gone years ago. Nice facility but had those in charge let the public know they needed a little more money to make it "right" it would be even better today with a slightly longer pool opening up more usage opportunities for state HS and university competition.

tara volesky

SDCC, the percentage of taxpayer money in Mitchell that is used for projects such as hockey rink, pool, FAC is substantially more than many other communities. Aberdeen has 2 nice colleges, a beautiful HS with a 700 seat auditorium. I use to work at the Aberdeen CC and Moccasin Creek. It was a big event growing up in Mobridge to get to go to Aberdeen for a shopping trip to Aberdeen.

tara volesky

Steve, how is the petition drive going with the pool?

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