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August 25, 2015


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tara volesky

I am hoping the sleeping majority wakes up for the betterment of Mitchell. Hey, I would like an indoor tennis court, and I bet I could round up 50 kids and their parents, but you have to be realistic. What upsets me is we had a very nice competitive pool. So, why was it filled in? I heard the school board wanted the city and swim team to kick in the money to maintain it. So, the school couldn't afford the pool, but they can afford a $16 million dollar fine arts center? SERIOUSLY? The decision makers are very fortunate to have a 75% sleeping majority that doesn't pay attention to what's going on. Maybe Donald Trump can awake the state.


Isn't there already a pool at the Parks and Rec building on Main Street?

For too long a time has Mitchell's finances been plundered by those using access to line their own pockets at expense to the tax payers.

Mitchell is #3 highest tax rate in SD because of tax and spenders like Tona Rozum who helped increase taxes and spending.

Come on Mitchell! Wake the heck up!

tara volesky

Pauper, I think Mitchell is number 2 just behind Huron for highest property taxes. Yes there happens to be a very nice pool at the Mitchell Rec. Center thanks to the taxpayers of Mitchell.

Roger Musick


Thanks for including my letter to the editor. I think what is being forgotten is Mitchell did have a recent election and Ed ran against the pool and Tara ran against the fine arts center. Both were soundly defeated. We need to turn our heads around and look forward.

Would you rather spend $5 million on a City Hall at $250,000 per City employee that works in City Hall (I spent $40 k per employee for my office) or $5+ million for another museum at the Corn Palace which benefits no residents of Mitchell. We closed 2 museums within 300 feet of the Corn Palace that failed.

The motel owners have spoken what project they are willing to fund with a $1 million BID and the private citizens have committed to raise $1 million of private money for the pool.

If you have a better project for the City then I expect you and Ed to raise a similar % of private money to help fund your desired project and reduce the Cities share of the project.

I prefer projects projects that improve the quality of life for our children, grandchildren and employees and their children. This will help move Mitchell forward. Huron even has a nice indoor pool.

It is very easy to be against everything but much harder to raise $2 million as the pool supporters have. You will see how hard it is to raise funds when you, Ed and Tara start raising funds for your project.

tara volesky

Roger, you can't fool me. Sorry, I know how the game is played. Steve, my former comment did not get posted.

Roger Musick

Tara, You have fooled me as I have no idea what your comment means or how I was trying to fool you. Why do you think I'm for the pool if not just for quality of life?

I have no idea how Steve thinks the "Crony Capitalists" or Chamber has control of the City. In the case of the pool the motel owners have said they are willing to provide $1 million bid and private citizens have indicated they will provide another $1 million for the pool. How can anyone be against private business donating their private money for the benifit of the Mitchell community. This appears to me to exactly the oppsite of what Steve calls Crony Capitalists. Private Citizens providing money to government.

tara volesky

Roger, there is so much money being thrown around that probably you aren't even unaware of. I don't think we should be subsidizing the Chamber hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. The gift shop belongs to the city. Where is the $80 thousand going for so called Sports Authority? Why is the city and Chamber in competition with main street by owning so many buildings downtown. Everybody is so politically connected as in crony capitalism that people outside the loop are afraid to speak out. Did we really need to spend millions on the Corn Palace??????? This isn't the city that doesn't sleep. Like I said, there is a reason we are number 2 in taxes. Just talk to the working class. What are the council and school board afraid of by not letting the people have a voice with a vote on multimillion dollar projects. These are all good people that are caught up in pleasing the special interests. Yes Roger, the special interests have a great ground game in getting their people out to vote.

tara volesky

There are other avenues of revenue and donors to use to build the pool, but will anybody listen to me???? I think Jerry won because he is against the pool and he campaigned on reigning in government spending. It would have been a major landslide if the majority of voters showed up to vote. Roger, yes, I could raise 10% of the funding for a new indoor tennis court.

SD Concerned Citizen

Miss Volesky what buildings do the Chamber and City own in downtown Mitchell? Does one of these entities own that tall old building on a corner by the Carnegie Library that looks like it is only getting worse? There are a number of old buildings downtown that are historical jewels and if nothing is done it may become too late to save and restore them. They add value to a city and commerce but not sure if they are privately or public owned.

Big Box stores and strip malls are so sterile but downtowns are unique

Roger Musick

The city and Chamber own a few vacant lots on main and some of the buildings around the Corn Palace. All the rest are privately owned. I'm confident most of those private owners would welcome private money to repair their buildings. This sounds like a great project to test Tara's fund raising ability.

tara volesky

SDCC and Roger, the city/chamber owns the thrift shop, The Score Board and several little shops along with the Chamber office and the Gift Shop across the street from the Corn Palace. All prime property at a prime location. Roger, I begged Mayor Tracey to let me do main street. He would probably still be the Mayor. lol. Face booking will not get main street going. I am an outsider that is not tied into any clique. It would be to easy. I have a very good history of getting things done.

tara volesky

Pay me, and I'll raise the money.....I am done working for free. So, now I am doing my own thing.

SD Concerned Citizen

Miss Volesky does the city or Chamber own the Scoreboard? They own the building, business or both?

Have you contacted those historical building owners to see if they can give you a financial incentive to get investment into restoring those old buildings in particular the one on the corner by the Carnegie Library? It would take a great deal of funds but if done right downtown could be a desirable place for young professionals to live and work. The shops and businesses that could use a restored building as their address adds some prestige and sets them apart.

Otherwise they might become too expensive to save and will become a safety liability for the city and end up demolished. Lost forever.

tara volesky

SD Concerned Citizen, yes, the Chamber or city own the Scoreboard and are leasing it out. Right now the city and chamber are colluded. Not good. There should be a separation. The chamber should not be subsidized by the taxpayers of Mitchell. They should be like other communities and operate on their membership dues, not on the taxpayers of Mitchell. I have spent hundreds of hours researching ways to make Mitchell maine street profitable. The leaders are not interested in my vision. I will no longer waste my time helping to make Mitchell the best community in SD.

SD Concerned Citizen

Miss Volesky I am sorry to read that you will no longer waste your time making Mitchell a better place. You have a great deal of energy with all that you have done. Mitchell is one of the nicest towns in the state in terms of the perfect size, the lake and location.

Are you sure the Mitchell Chamber is funded by partly by taxpayers? The Chambers I have known were all funded by membership fees paid by businesses.

Does the Mitchell Chamber of Commerce also pay dues to the US Chamber of Commerce?

I'm surprised they own the Scoreboard property. How long have they owned it? Is it because the street is closed from time to time as it is now and a business in that location would cause a conflict with parking and access if they owned it?

This seems very unique compared to other cities with their Commercial Clubs or Chamber of Commerce.

tara volesky

SDCC, all your questions are public information. The city finance officer will give you all the information. And yes, Mitchell is a wonderful town.

SD Concerned Citzen

Miss Volesky I hoped you would post your figures rather than refer me to a city finance office. You are a resident of Mitchell and I am not though I have a few friends in the process of moving from Mitchell. Because of the lack of decent affordable housing in their price range which seems easily attainable in other cities with healthy economies and less of a tax burden.(especially property taxes)

Otherwise their options if they remained in Mitchell were the high possibility of living next to a slum lord given Mitchell's weak code enforcement or purchasing a house that was cost prohibitive from the start because it needed a lot of work.

tara volesky

The finance officer get paid to provide information to taxpayers. Like I said I have done hundreds of hours of research and quite frankly, most people don't care or don't have a clue. I am not digging out my information. You want me to post my information, why don't you post your name.

SD Concerned Citizen

Miss Volesky I am simply following up with basic questions to the statements you made. I don't need detailed financial reports and feel sad that my friends reluctantly decided to move from Mitchell and have tried to help them out.

What does my name have anything to do with this?

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