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September 30, 2015


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tara volesky

Steve......you are going to upset the good ole boy system again. lol


Mitchell School district should be reimbursed for the time he spent administering these grants and not doing the job he was hired to do.

SD Concerned Citizen

Mr Sibson or Miss Volesky,

Was Graves able to legally do all this lucrative consulting with his Mitchell School contract? That's a pretty good racket! Just another example of money being sapped away that was intended for students whether Native or non Native. Very sad! Being in the political "In crowd" sure seems to have it's benefits in our state courtesy of the taxpayers.

tara volesky

If you read his contract, I don't believe it is legal to do what he did. This culture of cronyism has to stop. Now, if he helped with the grant as part of his job description, I seen no problem as long as he didn't compensate himself. 100% of the money should go to the areas that it was designed for. There is to much duplication and money being wasted on administrators and expenses.

SD Concerned Citizen

Too bad the teachers don't get some of this money also. What an unfortunate waste.

tara volesky

It's rigged to benefit the upper class.


How do you think Dr. Graves would've handled the situation if one of his principals was administering a paid grant program while collecting full wage? I highly doubt he would've given this his blessing. Where does he find the time himself to run this grant program? Was it on school time, if his schedule is that open maybe the Superintendent job isn't a full time job and should pay accordingly.

This is an area where you need a strong independent school board and that is exactly what Mitchell does not have. Where is the Daily Republic on this looking into contracts and such, oh thats right they only do reporting/investigating when its the Huron School District.

Craig "Badger" Guymon

Keep Digging!!!

Sept 30, 2015 The Daily Republic reported Supt Joe Graves stated that he had directed two Teaching American History (TAH) grants.

Sept 29, 2015 Dakota Free Press posted Supt Graves was paid $157,500 for administering TAH grant and $19,502.60 for supplies, travel and postage by Mid Central Educational Cooperative. Internet link in the Dakota Free Press report referenced a 2010 awarded TAH Grant: “SD -- PLATTE -- Mid Central Educational Cooperative, Joseph Graves, [email protected], $964,871.”

For TAH Grant #2 referenced by Supt Joe Graves: (1) How many years? (2) Total dollar amount of the grant? (3) How much was Supt Joe paid for TAH administrative service? (4) How much was Supt reimbursed for TAH incurred expense?

Is there is any “Double – Dipping” gravy-train small print in Supt Joe’s employment contract? If not, then Supt Joe’s willingness to breach MSD 17-2 employment contract repeatedly for at least 3-years under TAH Grant #1 displays a lack of integrity and candor. How many other MSD 17-2 contracts has Supt Joe Graves breached? Supt Joe’s demonstrated lack of honorable core values is just grounds for immediate termination of Supt Joe’s MSD 17-2 employment contract.

Given the professional status of Dr. Joe Graves, superintendent of schools for a public school district, the job performance evaluation of Supt Joe Graves does not have to take place behind closed doors in executive session; his job performance is not protected by executive session privileges.

In Oct 2015 during a MSD 17-2 Board of Education public meeting, in open session the Board needs to be presented with an agenda item to consider whether Supt Joe’s involvement with MCEC’s TAH grant program breached MSD 17-2 employment contract imposed job performance mandates in any way, shape, manner or form; board resolution needs to require roll call vote for this agenda item.

Badger, Out!

tara volesky

Mitchell had 2 chances to vote in anti-rubber stamp school board candidates that don't appease the Superintendent.

SD Concerned Citizen

Miss Volesky,

What or who were those two chances? Will those two chances come again? Graves needs to be voted out!

tara volesky

SDCC, the 2 chances were when Rod Hall and I ran for school board in 2012 and got beat with only 12% of registered voters coming out to vote. The second chance was when Steve Sibson and I ran for school board in 2015. Unfortunately the mass majority of people have very busy lives and no longer read the paper, pay attention and are very upset with local politics. They feel disenfranchised and apathetic. So many people feel their voices will never be heard. Very sad.

Keep Mitchell Moving

Maybe you can just get Guymon to vote a few more times.....oh wait a minute that didn't work.

tara volesky

The thing with Guymon.......He's knows too much. He's getting to be quite a voice on the blogs and fb and people throughout SD are taking notice. What happens when people speak out......perfect example, Annette Bosworth and her husband. This state is in trouble when it come to abuse of power and corruption.

Craig "Badger" Guymon

Who is the gutless wonder hiding behind "Keep Mitchell Moving"? Member of Mitchell's Pack of Cowards? A "Mover and Shaker" with a public/private partnership interest bleeding all the good, ordinary Mitchell residents' pocket books dry?

KMM, take ownership of your words - place first and last name with your words. With regards to your "handle", is KMM for the benefit of all Mitchell residents or just yourself and your Pack of Cronies pocket books?

For more than a decade my words were on target -- put my name on a ballot 4 times as school board candidate sharing the Joe Graves facts - no integrity, no honor, no candor and no courage -- just another flapping jaw spewing smoke injected with partial truths and twisted facts.

KMM with regards to "voting twice" there was aimed intent that had absolutely nothing to do with recording another vote for Hall and Volesky on June 4, 2013 in a standalone MSD 17-2 school board election. Grasping the "why" is probably beyond your IQ.

The corruption surrounding your favorite county auditor and the facts discussing her and other public officials rigging the Davison County June 5, 2012 election and covering up having done so were shared in detail with SD SOS Krebs this afternoon.

KMM, if you can read and digest sentences and numbers without animation and picture illustrations, feel free to review what "Badger & The Irish" shared with SD SOS Krebs today -- posted in public mode on my Facebook account Craig Guymon in South Dakota.


Badger, Out!


tara volesky

Mitchell would have voted in their best interest the last 2 elections by voting Hall, Volesky and Sibson.....We would not have these problems.... Think for yourself.


What Native American's benefited from these handouts to school admins? Isn't that what the program was all about? Crazy all this money being wasted, almost as crazy as Bosworth "fighting" corruption. Her and Guymon should team up though, they both have common cause with voter laws.

Craig "Badger" Guymon

Fell asleep in my lazy chair ... just woke up ... saw "A-Snakey" comment posted ... what makes me tick required me to reply! "A-Snakey, ya living in Canada? If so, why are ya not hibernating already until next spring?

For your information, never met Dr. Annette Bosworth ... her medical license is not revoked ... "stay order" approved by appeal judge license remains in force during appeal process until all matters are addressed in a court of law instead of by "Bigoted Lynch Mob Mentality" as herein displayed by "A-Snakey" ... she seems to be a woman of deep faith - not just practicing cult-type religion ... much kinder in her words and deeds than a "Crusty Ole Badger" who has been know to cuss with the best of them ... so the next time more dribble runs from your brain onto your keyboard show Annette Bosworth the respect she has earned - "Dr." Bosworth.

Smells like "A-Snakey" and "Keep Mitchell Moving" are cut from the same rag ... perhaps attached at the hip ... members of one of the Mitchell Regime's "Secret Society of Cowards" who hide behind "Cover and Concealment" ... hurling insults due to lacking the honor and courage to take ownership bigoted words? "A-Snakey" the next time you wish to display your ignorance, please do so using your first and last name.

"A-Snakey" as for your use of the term "Native American" it tags your entrails to "White Trash Snobs" who have an over-inflated self-evaluation of their own self-worth and are convinced their crap don't stink.

"A-Snakey" the next time try to hide your bigotry by using the proper reference and respect each member of each tribe deserves to be shown - recognizing the pride each "American Indian" holds in his or her heart.

As with KMM, "A-Snakey" you too can simply KMA,

Badger, Out!

tara volesky

People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. So KMM and A-Snakey, why don't you reveal your names? Seems pretty cowardly to me.

SD Concerned Citizen

Was in Mitchell this earlier this week visiting some folks some of which gave up on Mitchell and just recently moved due to inability to find affordable housing as in a nice house not needing a lot of work or a decent house being next to one of Mitchell's infamous slumlords. It's sad since it's a nice city with much potential. Real estate taxes are very high for a city of it's size also.

Who are the cronies that everyone mentions? Even when I was in town a few locals while shopping and being at a few nice cafes and coffee shops would mention them in whisper but were afraid to name names like the system was rigged in town to benefit a certain few.

Keep Mitchell Moving

Looks like the "Badger" got rooted out of town and now writes manifestos to his 84 FB followers and refers to himself in 3rd person.

Mitchell 1, Badger 0

Craig "Badger" Guymon

KMM, your ignorance is simply astonishing; please continue to open mouth and insert foot.

We chose to semi-retire to our remote cabin on the MO River -- we had smelled enough of the swill you and your kind continue to brew.

KMM, I see you are still hiding; due to you being a member of a Pack of Cowards?

In due time, all of the ordinary, honorable, good hearted people in Mitchell will tire of you and your kind; all will be rooted out of their holes with their backsides exposed.

KMM, looks like your hero Supt Joe is finding out firsthand how what goes around always comes back around for a dishonorable public official.

Badger, Out!

Ronette Guymon

Keep Mitchell Moving - allow me the liberty to define those three deceitful words.

Continue to cloak underlying public/private partnership special-interest agendas from the public view as you and your kind line your pockets using taxpayer dollars and over-extending county, city and school long term debt positions; continuously increasing the assessed valuation of real estate so cronies can continue to increase all of the ordinary, good peoples property taxes that are needed to continuously finance public/private interest whims and follies with no real benefit returned to the majority of Mitchell property owners who pay the taxes.

KMM, did I miss anything?

The Irish

Craig "Badger" Guymon

KMM, how did things work out for you and your kind in the last mayoral election when your favorite auditor was not able to rig the election as was done in June 2012 when the same two mayoral candidates had a reverse outcome with current mayor given the short end of an ugly stick.

The people spoke ... more and more are saying enough is enough ... time for majority rule ... with honorable elections ... if terminating all the special-interest gamesmanship requires circulating more petitions ... look out the people are going to do so ... the public/private partnership games are going to be nipped at the bud.

Badger, Out!

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