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October 01, 2015


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SD Ranks How High for Corruption?

Interesting so many shotgun related suicides afflicting people who have ties to corruption stemming from the Daugaard and Rounds administration.

Kudos to Marty Jackley for labeling the last one a murder-suicide so quickly. The key to deciding it must have been the guy who didn't care, caring so much that he tried to destroy the crime scene?

SD Concerned Citizen

Was a TIF really needed to develop where the old Happy Chef was located? That is a great location!

Corruption? Not sure where we would start. Not much political competition in this state to keep em honest. What Dems that are left are divided in their party and many are leaving in droves never to return. People registered Independent like myself seem to be growing more and more each month in numbers here in SD but not sure what impact there will be.

Craig "Badger" Guymon

Steve, ya hit the nail square in your LTE - aimed with precision - accurately stated.

I sent TDR published a LTE, Integrity Laced Candor, for this Saturday's edition conforming the accuracy of your words. Offered suggested considerations for all of the "ordinary shirts" in Mitchell to consider in addressing the comingling of taxpayer dollars with cohort anonymous donations and private investments.

Will be interesting to see if Rory has the guts required to publish it.

Badger, Out!

tara volesky

Sibson....you are the real deal. You have the taxpayer's best interest in mind.....We need people like you to represent the majority of us.

Craig "Badger" Guymon

Below LTE sent by email 09/27/2015 to Daily Republic publisher. Requested LTE be shared with readers today. Evidently, Mitchell's IRS (Imperial Ruling Snobs) did not like what a couple of "Shirts" shared in their LTE. Apparently Mitchell's IRS is censoring "Right to Know".

Letter: Integrity Laced Candor

By: Craig & Ronette Guymon, MO River – Platte Creek

As former Mitchell residents for 50-years, we sincerely thank Steve Sibson for having the guts to address public/private partnership cronyism facts surrounding city, county and school governance in his Sept 26, 2015 editorial letter that was published by The Daily Republic under the heading The hypocrisy of transparency.

How could the secretly proposed and slickly promoted comingling of taxpayer dollars with private sector donations and/or investments be nipped at the bud?

Suggest circulating three petitions for three ballot measures to be presented to Mitchell-area voters. Approval by the voters of each public/private partnership ballot measure would do more to promote economic development and entice families to remain in and relocate to the Mitchell-area than the combination of all prior and future City of Mitchell/Mitchell Area Chamber of Commerce/Mitchell Area Development Corporation enticements; Davison County/City of Mitchell TIF's and Mitchell School District/Dakota Wesleyan University projects!

Suggested petition and ballot measure mandates follow:
___________ (Mitchell City Council; Davison County Commission; Mitchell School District Board of Education) is hereby directed to expeditiously refer each public/private partnership proposed item and/or project that may comingle taxpayer dollars with private sector donations and/or investments in any way or manner to a public vote with the full name and residential address of each public official and private citizen who is proposing and/or promoting a public/private partnership item and/or project to be published for three consecutive days on the front page of the local newspaper within thirty days prior to the day on which the ballot measure is to be approved or revoked by registered voters.

SD Concerned Citizen

Do we know of any new candidates running for office in 2016 elections that will stand up against things like this on a local and state level?

tara volesky

SDCC, I heard Steve Sibson may be running for State Legislature.

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