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September 20, 2016


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Bill Fleming

Sibby, you wouldn't know truth if it came up to you and handed you a check.


Mr. Sibby, you are truly insaner than most. Mr. H is a mental dwarf compared to those other guys.

Bob Newland

grud is and will always be a POS.


Steve, I just have too much to do running around to all these blogs putting out fires. Could just pipe down?

larry kurtz

Seriously, Fleming: are you still a thing in South Dakota politics?

south dacola

Hey, Sibby, do you know of any place around Sioux Falls that sells a good corn dog cheap?

Pat Powers

Hey, Scott, I have a lifetime membership at the Zesto in Brookings. C'mon up, I'll make sure somebody else pays for it!

Fred Deutch

Spare the rod, spoil the child.

Stace Nelson

Semper Pie!

Lee Schoenbeck

Hey, CAH, come up to Watertown and we can go kill some helpless animal just for fun!


Sibson covets Dakota Free Press.

Steve Sibson

All of you are off topic :-)

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