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November 09, 2017


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Lora Hubbel

As Governor, Taneeza Islam WILL be investigated


Hundreds of people are attending these meetings. This is an issue that can't be ignored in the Governor's race.


If any of us THINK that Corey or Taneeza are the first or will be the last to be used by their puppeteers to bring about a dominant Islamic State of SD they do not understand the agenda.. Throughout many decades now in countries where Islam is attempting a takeover they MUST join with rebels against the government whether they call themselves Antifa OR anti-Trump or whatever...they are still thinking they are above the law..well like Corey...common to those who assume they are "superior" to the common man which is laughable in itself Taneeza becomes a liability to the darkness Islam likes to work in while attempting a "sharia" dominant state or country....She will have to go. Leaders of that mosque cannot seem to manage the bad PR. coming at them from this silly woman. Corey: well he hates God, guns, country and family What the h____ is he doing living here in the first place? No ladies and gentlemen we cannot have legislators or an AG or congressmen and women this stupid to sit around and watch our beloved state go down the tubes.....laughable....we KNOW their game


Religion of peace...

Koran 2:191 Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.

Koran 3:21 Muslims must not take the infidels as friends. (Cory missed this one, Taneeza is using him and he refuses to acknowledge it)

Koran 5:33 Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam.

Koran 9:123 Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.

Didn't Saul Alinsky dedicate his book to Satan, says something about Hillary and Obama's moral compass. Thank God she is not our POTUS.

Great post, keep them coming.
I think Tara is right, this cannot be ignored by our future governor.

larry kurtz

Christians have slaughtered at least 100 million indigenous in the New World alone. Add Africa, Australia and SE Asia and that number approaches a billion.

You people make me puke.


Kurtz - So, that justifies what Islam is doing now? Ever seen pics of Tiran in the 70's compared to what it looks like currently? They are moving backwards and from what I've read it has something to do with inbreeding.

Christians are not slaughtering indigenous in 2017. Islam is currently enslaving Christians, raping, beheading, running people over with trucks, blowing up churches...

Should we mention how Islam keeps their women oppressed? 3 witnesses needed for a rape conviction? FGM? Forced to cover themselves? Not allowed to drive without permission? This is what should make you puke.

Come on, Larry, get educated. Isis hates you and what the Western world stands for. The internet is there for you to use, you should take advantage of it. Check out Aynaz Anni Cyrus.

Coming to a town near you...

larry kurtz

Ridiculous. Whitey is still killing American Indians through continued prejudice, racism and human trafficking. Republican is simply another word for earth hater.

You people suck.

larry kurtz

Sibby, delete all my comments. It’s embarrassing that my home state has you assholes still living there.


LK, You didn't address any of the facts I presented.

Why? You're scared to hear the truth. Not able to defend evil when presented with facts? Maybe what you're really embarrassed by is yourself and defending people who throw gays off rooftops just for being gay? Weak, Larry, weak.

Did you know honor killings are happening in the USA? And people performing FGM on little girls are moving through the court system right now in MI.

Hey, have you see the video by Stephen Crowder when he asks a Muslim bakery to create a cake for a gay wedding? You guessed it, he was told no. But you don't want that bakery shut down, only the Christian ones right?

You're a typical Liberal who changes the subject when not able to address the issue at hand. Want to know who are killing the Indians? Entitlement programs. BIA. And who exactly do you think is participating in the sex-trafficking? Or the illegal drugs coming onto our reservations? Is it the "white men" cause I'm pretty sure you fall into that group.


Another game the Leftists like to play...

Create their own problems and demand someone else fix them.

(While sobbing, LK says)
Please, Steve, take down my posts. I typed words on my computer and hit enter and now I want to take it back...boo hoo hoo.

larry kurtz

Take my comments down, Sib.


(Now stomping his feet, LK demands)


Next you'll be rolling on the floor, much like my 2yo when not getting her way;) Or like the liberals we saw yelling at the sky...bawhahahah. You're easier than EC to troll.

SD expat

Kurtz has a point. Why anyone lives in South Dakota remains a mystery.


Well glad expat is just that! I loved the paragraph about where Cory H. Will end up, although I think he will convert so fast it will be a world record!!!

SD expat

Thanks to Donald Trump, Pat Powers, Lora Hubbel and Steve Sibson hate crimes are on the rise in South Dakota.



Is this an example of Trump's hate?


Who's the hate crimes directed towards?



Could we maybe open our eyes to see who the real haters are?


Is the hate possibly coming from...Progressives?


Come at us with your false narratives and we'll come back with the truth. Nice try though. The internet is a useful tool, use it.

SD expat, does that mean you are British? If so, sorry to hear about your country turning into a dumpster fire. "We will never surrender", means nothing anymore.

SD expat

Daily Wire is just another earth hater rag.


That's all you got? Weak.

Typical Progressive, no debate, just hate.

What's your motto: By Any Means Necessary.

SD expat

Pick a lane. Republican is just another word for earth hater. Trump was elected by any means necessary.

Debating you people is futile.

Sibby's premise is pure hate built on his pathological autodidacticism and fueled by shame.

South Dakota was founded on racist hate, lives by racist hate and is now dying on racist hate.

You people make me puke.



Is the Huffpo where you get your information? Or how about here at NBC?


Your people are the ones who should make you puke. Looks like we're really talking to Larry. If you don't like it here, California is always looking for more Progressives.

No debate, just hate.

SD expat

It's loathing more than hate. With South Dakota circling the drain the Yellowstone supervolcano can't come soon enough.


Thankfully Steve has your IP and email address because that comment seems to be quite threatening.

You want people to die only because they disagree with you? Much like what we saw happen to Rand Paul, they never even had a conversation and he almost took Paul's life. What a horrible way to live life, such evil in your heart.

Civil discourse is much more productive, but not for you...no debate, just hate.

SD expat

Whatevs. Rand Paul is a wimp.

South Dakota is already run by Sharia Lawyers Denny Daugaard, Fred Deutsch, Jeff Monroe, Marty Jackley and others.

Industrial chemicals from Monsanto, Bayer and Syngenta abort foetuses all the time but few will hold their feet to the fire about it. Contact with the Big Sioux River can cause spontaneous abortions. But, applaud the nutball Republican efforts diverting attention from the party’s culture of corruption where murders and their covers up are commonplace by clogging the legislative session with christianic religionist argle-bargle.


Rand Paul had six ribs broken and will live with breathing complications for the rest of his life. All for what? Doesn't matter for what, no one deserves to be physically attacked in such away as his coward, neighbor chose to do.

Please, do elaborate on DD, FD, JM, MJ and others implementing Sharia Law. I'll give some evidence they are not: FD is pro-life and from my understanding countries enforcing SLaw, abortion is prohibited.

It's always been said (at least since I was in highschl)the Big Sioux was not the place to take a dip or eat fish from. John Morrells and other entities polluting the water upstream were factors. Don't get in the water if it's not safe, get a water purifier and don't drink from your tap. I wouldn't recommend that any way; Flint, MI is an example of why we purify.

There are many factors that attribute to miscarriages. Mothers are told by their doctors what precautions can be taken to help avoid loosing a baby during their pregnancy. We agree, there should be strict regulations and consequences for not complying in place that protect communities from chemicals leeching into our water. Reps and Dems want this we just have different ideas for the solutions.

It would take several more paragraphs to discuss "party's culture of corruption". I'll give a couple examples of the Left's current state of affair: Uranium One and still no evidence of collusion b/w Trump and Russia.

People believe what they want, that's the beauty of America. I don't have to believe there are more than 2 genders and you don't have to believe in Christian teachings. If you don't agree with someone's beliefs, you have the option to ignore them, not force them to believe.

Now, see how productive that was;)

SD expat

Despite Sibby's protestations South Dakota is already being governed under Sharia Law.

Dig it or don't.

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