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November 09, 2017


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SD expat

BTW, it looks like morbidly obese Brookings blogger, Pat Powers, wants Sibby's home boy State Senator Stace Nelson to run a third party or indy race for South Dakota governor.



Where's your evidence?

You continually refuse to present facts backing up your statements, you do know that's an important factor in proving what you say? It's difficult to take anything you're saying seriously and I'm going to resort to what duggersd suggested and stop making myself look stupid by engaging with you.

I do want to add to my statement about Sharia Law... I should've focused on the gov's role instead of a pro-life advocate since the governor is the one who signs/vetos legislation. If SD officials enforced Sharia Law, abortion would be 100% illegal. Also, all (infidels) who don't follow Muhammad's teachings would be killed, probably by a beheading. Is this what's being enforced in SD?

SD expat

Pick a lane, earth hater.

Forms of Sharia Law are already being practiced in the chemical toilet. The FLDS near Pringle, the Hutterites and even the Roman Church all practice forms of religionist repression.

SD expat

US imperialism created the Somali refugee crisis where ISIL chickens are coming home to roost in Minnesota now Syrians are fleeing another Israeli/American war of aggression and taking its toll on American airmen in South Dakota and other remote locations.

But you know what scares me? Someone from Yemen, Afghanistan or somewhere rolling a truck bomb into Rapid City Central High School or the School of Mines after an Ellsworth-based drone pilot targets a wedding party or religious service.

It's just a matter of time until Trump and Heather Wilson bring Hell to breakfast in Rapid City.


To expat, if you are so upset with SD try a third world country.......I’ll pay for your flight!

And to Sibby, I wonder what Cory’s Muslim name is??


US imperialism...oh, come on.

Please, elaborate on "taking its toll on American airmen in SD"...

Again, you are not backing your statements with solid evidence/facts. First you say SD is being governed by Sharia Law, now you say it's only being practiced by polluting our river. Pick a lane, is it or isn't it? I'd tell you to call your legislators, but I'm pretty sure your not a SDakotan so that's not an option for you.If you were, you'd know the stories about the Big Sioux are decades old.

If you don't like the Roman Church's teachings or practices, don't be a Catholic. It's truly that easy. They aren't forcing you or me to do anything. They are allowed to believe and practice whatever they want. Since you're not American I get how you wouldn't understand that freedom.

You provide links and expect me to click on them, I provide links and you say they're trash. Research for me, but not for thee? That's how the Left rolls. Another tactic of Progressives is name-calling and it's not a productive way to engage in civil discourse. You are very ill-researched and must not visit SDWC blog or you'd know PP's thoughts about Nelson.

Trump and other officials are helping to prevent more terrorist attacks in the US. Did you hear the travel ban is now being implemented and ICE is making serious strides in deporting illegals. Americans First.

I really hope Steve is taking your posts seriously and alerting the proper authorities.Your statements are very frightening. A truck bomb rolling into RC Central High School? Wow!

SD expat

Sibby's post is void of facts. Why start now?

East River South Dakota is one chemical toilet after another.

Now, the red moocher state is again begging the feds to find available conservation programs that could reduce nutrient loading in the Lake Mitchell watershed.


SD expat

If I needed a trip to a third world country my trip to Pierre is subsidized.


It's not worth it.

You puke out utter nonsense. No facts. No evidence. No statistics. No quotes. Nothing to prove any of your statements. Progressives lie, much like Sharia Law demands it's followers to do.

I'm not even sure you know what you're talking about. I agree with Pat, if you don't like it here move. It's America, you have the freedom to do that. Again, not so sure you are American so that may not be an option for you.


SD expat

It's not worth it.

You should consider self-immolating on the steps of the Capitol in Pierre. Remember my flight to watch is federally subsidized.

SD expat

You miserable wretches have far more to worry about from the meth-addled video lootery addict next door in Mitchell than you do to Taneeza Islam.

Steve Sibson

Larry, the CIA is funded by illegal drugs, and they are working with the Muslim Brotherhood. So why can't we have concern about both meth and Jihadis?

larry kurtz

None of it matters to Mitchell, South Dakota. Marty Jackley already knows every breath and every move you pathetic wretches take. All the jihadis in my home state are white men just like you, Steve.

Steve Sibson

Funny how you leftist wrongly think establishing a global caliphate has to do with race. Cultural Neo-Marxist indoctrination causes you not to think Larry. Cory has the same problem.

larry kurtz

White people are bombing brown people into the Stone Age yet you insist radicalization should give way to assimilation. America is the Borg.

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