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November 17, 2017


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larry kurtz

Cory is meaningless to South Dakota politics, Steve. Maybe you should focus on the shit in your own back yard.


larry kurtz

Good goddess, Steve: for someone who claims prayer and redemption are the keys to salvation your obsession with Cory suggests you're failing miserably.

larry kurtz

Oh, right. You're sucking clicks from DWC because nobody would pay attention to you otherwise. You and the missus got a big Turkey Day planned, Steve?


Can't type fast enough?! Another great piece.

I watched a great investigative report by Michelle Malkin: IslamoFAUXbia: The Hoax Crime Epidemic. Robert Spencer is featured, it's worth the watch.

MSM pushes the Islamophobia narrative and it's not true. Muslims think they need to invent hate crimes to defend themselves.

Take time to research how Islamic teachings and LGBT are able to coexist. I found Pride Parades are being stopped in Sweden because they go against the Islam teachings and are offensive to Muslims communities.

I know there are educated people in the gay community. I really hope they do their own research and find what's happening to the European, gay community can and will creep in to the USA.

larry kurtz

Yet Dan Lederman is free to Zionize the South Dakota Republican Party without recrimination: priceless.

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