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December 27, 2017


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larry kurtz

Good goddess, you're a hypocrite, Steve. Your entire post reeks of tribalism and name-calling. South Dakota deserves you and your christianic bent.

Steve Sibson

Larry, are you having a problem dealing with you and I being of the same race?

larry kurtz

We're all Africans, Steve; but Republican is just another word for earth hater. After Powers throws you off his sidebar i won't need you need anymore.

Steve Sibson

Larry, I thought Pat and I cut a deal where I would not go after his liberal position if he keeps me on his sidebar. You must not have read the title of this post that says both sides are wrong. And since you have picked a side Larry...you are wrong, yet again.

larry kurtz

South Dakota is one big Lake Mitchell, Steve: putrid and dying. Read the comment from Laurisa at Cory's blog, Sibby. You're a christian like Pat Powers is a yoga instructor.


Steve Sibson

Larry, by basing your Christian opinion on a false teacher like Laurisa, it shows that you don't have a clue as to what Christianity is about.

larry kurtz

In your opinion, Steve.

The history of christianity is rife with paternal idolatry and the adoration of women as breeders only leading some of us to believe you are completely subservient to your wife just as you were to your mother. That you use this forum to vent your frustration with your own history of being pussy whipped is abundantly clear.

You're a miserable sinner, Steve: something we pagans abandon on our paths to self-actualization.

larry kurtz

There are times when you seem capable of being something more than this, Steve, times when some us believe in you. Your suffering often speaks to a less haughty time after winter knocks you down and drives you into that last pew when faith just ain't enough.

Leaving Mitchell during a South Dakota winter for a place where the suffering is not so acute is not a sin.

Think about it.


Disagree with a Leftist and you're a racist. We are all racists. I'm a racist, you're a racist and Trump's a racist bigot. When racist, Nazi or Islamophobic get thrown out at every chance, they stop meaning anything. This is also happening when attempting to define claims of sexual harassment, assault and rape.

Identity politics is crushing Democrats' ability to hold their base and persuade potential voters. It's disappointing to watch it spill into the Republican's camp. The attacks on Hubbel and others won't stop. It'll get worse as the race for Governor heats up.

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