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December 22, 2017


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larry kurtz

Seriously, Steve? Your obsession with Cory is symptomatic of a deep psychological pathology that only strengthens his position as a political thinker and leader. Perhaps that's your intent: to sacrifice your credibility to bolster his.

Steve Sibson

Larry, I do appreciate your comments as they help me make some of my points. For example how some leftists are cyber bullies.

larry kurtz

Pick a lane, Sibby. Your points are bullshit.

Fighting fire with fire has been around since humans emerged from the trees to explore the savannas but the earliest evidence of cyber bullying in South Dakota was from earth haters like Jason Heppler when he attacked Tom Daschle.

larry kurtz

Brookings blog bloviator Pat Powers was flinging cyber feces since before you accepted a mythical Nazarene as your savior, Steve.


Thanks for showing Cory for what he is......if he doesn’t like what is said he starts calling people names. There are two sides to every issue, but he only sees his side....to the detriment of all else. Thanks for sticking up for this “crank”.

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