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December 20, 2017


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larry kurtz

Trump is a propagandist. Hinderaker is a propagandist. Israeli agents destroyed the World Trade Center and blamed Muslims for it. White males have slaughtered nearly a billion people in the name of colonization and christianity in the last 300 years and Lake Mitchell is a toxic hole threatening the lives of nearby residents while you suffer from Heidelberger Derangement Syndrome.


Right on time with this article. Being a deplorable not only makes Socialists and Marxists uncomfortable but also ALL from the Arab and Asian world who are pro-Palestinian. Add people who migrate legally or illegally South of our border and we have a lot of listening ears to this propaganda. They are also easily persuaded to fulfill the Muslim agenda and "buy into" their world domination agenda. What they have missed is that they will not be soared unless they convert to the false religion/cult. By that time there will be no more freedom of speech so ALL will suffer silently as so many do now in majority Muslim countries. Poor Corey...a tool of those who would just as soon he drop off face of the earth as they really do not need him. Ho.Hum, someone give Corey a clue.....please!


Keep up the truth telling Mr. Sibson, there are more people listening every day and becoming fed up with the whole refugee program. Fed up with the big churches making so much a head for every one they bring here. Fed up with the plants that will bring in new refugees instead of hiring unemployed refugees because they get tax breaks for every NEW refugee they bring here. And I did feel schooled by the Dr. who basically told us that he was MUCH smarter than we could ever be! He talked about misinformation and sure filled us full of it.


He moved on to what the Koran says about women, that they should be treated with dignity...Virji is really reaching on this one, he must think we don't know how ridiculous this statement is.

People who actually believe this statement need to educate themselves about the Koran. How is Female Genital Mutilation, forced to cover one's entire body, sex-trafficking and slavery, not being able to drive without permission and must have 3 witnesses to confirm a rape treating women with dignity? We see women cry sexual harassment when asked an inappropriate question.

Did you see this...http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/man-convicted-behead-blogger-geller-28-years-article-1.3709472

Steve, do you subscribe to CRTV? I highly recommend signing up for the free trial. Many hosts discuss this issue. My favorites are Gavin McInnes and Louder with Crowder. Gavin interviewed Pamela Geller and Michelle Malkin did that in-depth piece about hoaxes. We just upgraded our subscription to 3yrs.

Pat, you're right, more people listening every day. Keep talking to your family and friends. When people ask where to go for more information, because our local news outlets don't dare speak about Islam, I send them to Sibby Online.

larry kurtz

Hey, Sibby: has Pat Powers promised to keep your blog in his sidebar if you promise not to remind readers he is torpedoing real conservatives like Stace and Lora?

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