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December 04, 2017


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Stace Nelson

Great article! What's even worse than this former SOS employee (who resigned in disgrace) attacking conservatives, is that his attack articles against conservative Republicans are paid for by support from the state GOP. what's worse is that other elected Republicans give him money to fund these attacks by "advertising" on his conservative hate site.

Steve Sibson

I did not intend this post to be a personal attack directed at Pat. I do hope he sees the mistake he made and corrects it.

larry kurtz

Thanks for weighing in on Steve’s takedown of Mr. Powers, Sen. Nelson. Can you imagine a time when the legislature will hold Jason Gant and his hire accountable for their wrongdoing?



Conservatives, Christians and white men have been being attacked for years now. For whatever reason, the heat has been turned up to high. Why do attacks come from other Republicans or white men? What I see to be happening is an exposure of "The Swamp" or Establishment shall we say. Much like what we currently see happening with Thune. What are the protecting? Money?

What I also experience from the older, more Conservative people is respect for other's ideas and their freedom to express those ideas. When a conversation takes place about something Democrats want to become law, Baby Boomers say things like: It's their right to say that, we don't have to support it, but we should let them say it. Live and live. Leftists take advantage of this principle and walk all over Conservatives. This needs to stop. My son is not responsible for slavery or basically all the problems in the world because he is white.

Many people don't want to talk about Islam and the dangers brought to our neighborhoods. We have been seeing warnings not to visit The Mall of America for fear of attacks because we are white.

Republicans are scared to talk about the "Muslim Makeover" for fear of back lash. For example, some will say the burqa is tradition, when in fact it is not. This response is a cop-out, not wanting to address a real oppression of women. Women are forced to cover themselves as I have read in 'No Go Zones', YouTube videos of women in Raqqa ripping their burqas off and from other women who have been fighting to expose Sharia Law for what it is...evil.

That's why we need your voice Sibby, don't stop reporting and exposing connections and dangers South Dakotans face.

larry kurtz

“Funding hate:” https://www.adl.org/education/resources/reports/funding-hate-how-white-supremacists-raise-their-money

Steve Sibson


I am about half way done with my analysis to Taneeza Islam's presentation on November 27th. So far I have over 2,000 words. This will be a comprehensive study.

I predict Larry won't like it much.

larry kurtz

Your town and my home state are circling the drain while you go off on shit you can't control, Steve? How conservative.



Great. Gavin McInnes interviewed Jayda Fransen with Britian First last night and it shined more light on the Islamic dangers neighborhoods across Britain face.

Isn't it ironic Theresa May has diverted a terrorist attack? Maybe they will take more caution on their open border policies. Thankfully Trump and his administration got the travel ban back implemented.

Certainly Larry won't like it, he doesn't seem to be happy with much life has to offer. I do enjoy him using your site as an advertisement for his blog!!

larry kurtz

You are veering into the ditch here, Steve. Perhaps you should make your point here and focus on the stuff you can fix. Deal?

larry kurtz

Curious that Pat, who has neither the balls nor the integrity to run for office, has the temerity to attack those who do.

larry kurtz

Looks like fat Pat is torching Lora again. He's such a pig.


larry kurtz

Hey, Steve: you know why Pat is lashing out at Lora? Because she's a potential expert witness in the coverup of Brady Folkens' death.

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