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December 11, 2017


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larry kurtz

South Dakota is the Land of Infinite Variety except for white christians like you, Steve.

Death to Israel.


Well done, Steve, well done.

Great question. Reminds me of when Ben Shapiro asks Florida CAIR Director,Hassan Shibly, to denounce the MBH and Hamas, you're never going to guess what he said....yep, the exact same thing taneeza said.

I also have seen a video on YouTube with Horowitz asking a USCD Muslim student to do the same thing and the student wouldn't do it either.

Doesn't the koran encourage lying to deceive us?

deception; the islamic word for concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies.

MPLS may be lost, but with people like you and others that support you, Aberdeen and other SD cities may not turn into a dumpster fire. Where's the mayor on these issues?

larry kurtz

Everything east of Oacoma is Cleveland for sure. Minneapolis is lost like Trump is a christian.

larry kurtz

"KM" reads like Michael Gohn who cut his balls off to become a non-man.



Thanks for coming out to the event last month! I appreciated your question! Hopefully you were able to chat with Taneeza about some of the concerns you've posted here after the event was over. Irregardless, I'm glad that you were willing to be exposed to a viewpoint that countered your own. We need more of that from all sides! I once had a very wise criminal justice professor tell my class that in order to be students of the world we need to "look around the lantern" every once in awhile (which is how I found myself on this blog).


Malachi Petersen*

*Contrary to this post, not a Neo-Marxist :)


I'll just leave this here...


Steve Sibson

Malachi, thanks for the comment. I have put it up on a separate post. I will be emailing you.

Steve Sibson

KM, thanks for the link. I wonder if the leftists will include Muhammad and now Sarsour on their black list, due to their alleged sexual misconducts?


You are welcome.

Anything to help expose the real war on women.

larry kurtz

Hey, Steve: you're welcome for my driving traffic to your blog!

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