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January 23, 2018


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larry kurtz

Good work, Steve.

Straight out of the Dick Wadhams playbook: unaffiliated candidate George Hendrickson has filed with the Federal Election Commission for South Dakota's lone US House seat running to the left of Democrat Tim Bjorkman on cannabis and civil liberties giving an easy win to whichever earth hater is nominated in June.

In 2014 flip-flopping Larry Pressler was enlisted by earth hater operative Wadhams to run to the left in South Dakota's US Senate race as an unaffiliated candidate and successfully eroded Democrat Rick Weiland's base of support.

Fact is: the best way to a strong two party system in South Dakota is for arch-conservatives to launch a third party. South Dakota's most ardent earth haters are still looking for principled conservatives to run in statewide elections. Stace Nelson, Neal Tapio and Lora Hubbel could be those candidates.

larry kurtz

Here's some my research on Shafai, Sib:


SD Concerned Citizen

Kurtz no one cares! Keep your drugs & creepy crawly little bed bug friends & stay out of our wonderful state! This guy cannot ever say anything original due to memory loss and is trying to divide our party. It is so obvious it's funny!

larry kurtz

Sorry for this off-topic comment, Steve but it might be time for you to take gender dysphoria next.

Wondering why some people want to cut off their testicles, change genders or why your kids are autistic?

Aluminum, propylene glycol (steareths), Triclosan, parabens and phthalates are endocrine disruptors that wreak havoc in children and adolescents.

Industrial agriculture is also complicit in gender dysphoria and autism.

It sure is curious how some can tout the benefits of surgical genital mutilation as a treatment for gender dysphoria while condemning other therapies like cannabis and denying others death with dignity.


Dang, red flags?! Follow the money.

These connections will surely engage interesting discussions with family, friends and groups we spend time with.

SD Concerned Citizen

Follow the money is right on and it is hard sometimes since they try to cover their tracks


Well, I certainly wouldn't want voters to know where my funding was coming from if I knew it was coming from people who supported killing the LGBT community, forcing women to be covered and little girls to have FGM performed on them...I probably don't need to continue with what Islam endorses.

I guess it's kind of like if Planned Parenthood or NARAL donated $$ to a pro-life candidate. Money can make people do things they never thought they would do.

Steve is ahead of the game when it comes to investigative research. I wonder, Steve, would you be willing to do research straight from the Twin Cities?

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