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January 29, 2018


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Steve's clarion call must be heeded if we want to retain our respective Republics of the U.S. & the State of S.D.

The last 3 months have really awakened me to the stealth Islamization going on right here in S.D., e.g.,
1. About three months ago two free speech events scheduled about a week apart in Sioux Falls were cancelled because of pressure from the SouthDakotaVoicesForPeace.org Taneeza Islam is their Exec. Director.
2. The entire Jan. 10, 2018 encounter Sen. Neal Tapio had with the Interfaith group at the Capitol. Taneeza Islam was again involved.
3. I searched the internet & ascertained immediately that these Interfaith groups/communities are initiated by Islam members to shut down free speech that criticizes Islam at all. They utilize useful pawns from other faiths to help shut down any discussion about the facts of the Islamic faith.


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