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January 11, 2018


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larry kurtz

christianity is a disease.

R.A. Johnson

Is it just me or do the rest of you feel like this victimization of Muslims is coming at us faster than the last snowstorm? Considering the fact that Ms. Islam was "hate mongering"ahead of the April 2017 Christian gathering and overheard by other Pastors whipping up her group of liberals and other Muslims; one may consider that SHE is indeed the cause of bringing undue tension to new immigrants and refugees! An armed Muslim showed up to the event and he did not get informed of the event in church! It is about time that South Dakota wised up to the fact that the haters are the ones attempting to call the shots and prohibit free speech. There is money to be lost on this refugee business in South Dakota if the "folks" can get together and let these newcomers know that South Dakotans are mainly generous but NOT stupid. There is a BIG difference. Our Governor should have been bright enough to know that inviting in an "interfaith" group to the Rotunda to pray to false gods might just get the ire stirred up on more than a few people (let alone the legislators) Time for South Dakota to take a really good long look at what has been thrown at them and on them in the past few years with lightning speed. Then, sit back and ask ourselves IF we want the good life for our kids and grandkids yet in South Dakota OR do we want it subject to third world behaviors and beliefs?

larry kurtz

A 50 year old white nationalist Brandon woman and her teenage son are in jail facing multiple charges after an arsenal of guns and ammunition were found in a reinforced basement room of her home.

Events like these are hardly surprising given the racist diatribes of legislators like Neal Tapio, the bigotry of Steve Sibson, the extremism of Shad Olson, Betty Olson's Bundyism and hatred for multiculturalism by countless other South Dakotans.

The American Left poses no violent threat to the United States while the hate-filled right wing of the Republican Party always will.

R.A. Johnson

Well, aren't you just like the fly who showed up to the picnic uninvited? FYI: The Brandon situation had to do with an inter faith church fight and no one mentioned that the church was full of white nationalists except you. It was a targeted shooting in NW Iowa to-date which led to arrest and search of house. Absolutely nothing to do with question I posed. Go back to putting on your "pussy" hat and running around the house. You will get it. LOL

Steve Sibson

Larry, thanks for providing us with the view point of the illogical left.

larry kurtz

Pat Powers is calling you and Lora idiots, Steve.


Thanks, Steve.

I think the interfaith event was in fact political. It was held in Pierre, in the capitol bldg. How can that not be interpreted as political? Where are all the Leftists shouting about separation of church and state? They just attack Tapio.

I listened to my favorite morning show today and there was a conversation about selective outrage. Where's the outrage for what's happening in Nigeria to our fellow Christians? Or outrage for the Iranians or the people of Israel?

Tapio has expressed concern for what's happening in America, SD and the across the world. That must not be acceptable.

It’s great leaders from all faiths and cultures come together and break bread. It’s a safe and productive time to ask questions and gain a better perspective. At the heart of this event should’ve been American values, the Constitution and our freedoms – everything Western culture represents. This should be the center piece of all political events.

Tapio will continue to share his thoughts and we’ll listen. Some of what he says we agree with: Liberty for all, freedom and the Constitution as law. He’s most certainly not being politically correct and that grabs our attention. I think he supports diversity of thought and the Left won’t let us have that when it’s not their thoughts.

I have serious concerns (which I’m allowed to have) if any Muslim leader is saying one thing and the community they’re leading is noticeably behaving differently. There's a trend and many of us have identified what's at the core. Assimilation is a piece of immigration and I just don’t see this happening in some Muslim communities.

larry kurtz

And obese Brookings blog bully, Pat Powers responded by putting up a number of posts decrying Hubbel as unfit to serve. He's been adding anonymous comments at his blog to gin up hated of Jews, Muslims and American Indians for its entire history. He certainly hasn't called for Donald Trump to resign for using racist and vulgar language.

Former State Senator Stan Adelstein has threatened to sue Powers who resigned in disgrace from the South Dakota Secretary of State's office.

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