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January 22, 2018


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larry kurtz

Ellsworth and the 114th Fighter Wing have made South Dakota a target, too. Imagine someone rolling a truck bomb into Mitchell High School or the Mitchell Votech after some drone pilot or fighter jock targets another wedding reception or elementary school in Afghanistan or Somalia.


Just quoting the actual texts of the Quran, Sunnah and Hadith (Mohammed's sayings) will get you labeled an Islamophobe.

But how can you be a phobe if you are just quoting their actual teachings, i.e., just stating the truth. That obviously is not fear of Muslims. It's just education.

A much better & more accurate term would be and
IslamCiter (or perhaps IslamQuoter).

Dr.Carl Goldberg and Dr. Bill Warner are simply IslamCiters, but are thoroughly marginalized as Islamophobes. That does not stop them from quoting
the teachings of Islam, nor should it stop us. It should encourage us to promulgate it all the more.


No-Go-Zones in MPLS could be a next best-seller.


Kassam does an interview with Paul Joseph Watson, worth the watch.

Steve Sibson

KM, thanks for the link. I used on the Dusty Johnson post I just put up. I am currently reading Kassam's book.


Check this out...


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