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February 12, 2018


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Patriot American

I visited her South Dakota Voices for Peace Facebook page and found a post from last year where she once again claims that ACT for America is a hate group. I personally asked her if she had ever attended an ACT meeting and if so what hate speech was presented. I have to hear back from her but I did get a couple of responses from someone who seemed to be very defensive and proceeded to question if I have been. I politely stressed to him that the question was for Taneeza and was waiting for her personal response. I guess he didn't like my response so he deleted his comments and blocked me. I have yet to get a response and sure I won't. I will say that I took pictures of everything to document so that nothing can be disputed. Pretty typical I guess that Taneeza can't even respond even though she touts wanting to engage in civil dialogue regarding Islam.

Steve Sibson


The only people who are allowed civil rights are Allah worshiping Muslims. The rest of us are second class.

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