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February 15, 2018


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CAIR is Hamas - see the link below:


BTW if you follow #sdleg on Twitter it becomes abundantly clear that the Argus Leader & the SD ACLU are very close to Taneeza Islam. Both entities seem to just parrot whatever Taneeza says & are obviously supportive of her.


Listened to Mr. Gunn's interview on Kelo online, he was well-spoken with a plan residents should hear more about. Citizen's being taxed for services they're not receiving and the peoples' voices matter most.

Who is this Taneeza? Why is she here telling life-long residents who we can and can't support, what we can and can't say and who's allowed to come to our city and hold an event? The Argus should be ashamed for not printing the truth, but spinning the narrative with an attempt to slander someone.

Thanks for exposing Taneeza for who she is and the Argus's agenda. Jim, I've seen others talk about the connections between the Argus and Taneeza, not so much a secret anymore.

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