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February 07, 2018


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larry kurtz

The only prayer atheist Cory Heidelberger has is the one his pastor wife says to get him the hell out of the house.


Sent an email out day before yesterday to Rev. Mark Hendrickson about why the Church there would house CAIR and asked him if the monies they received offset the thought that CAIR being active in funding terrorism could actually make Bethany duplicity in killing of our deployed American troops? Then we asked him why he no longer regarded his congregation"s safety as his responsibility??? No word back...chirp chirp

Steve Sibson

He probably just writes you off as just another Islamophobe.


What are the costs to S.D. taxpayers from the resettlement resettlement program that LSS so adamantly pushes & profits from?

Why can't the State of S.D. just re-claim it's sovereign right handle the resettlement program so it would have greater input & say over the program? Just cut LSS out of the loop.


I see MN has a fugitive on the loose. An Eden Prairie man was shot and killed by a man described as "of Somali ethnicity" and the police haven't been able to arrest anyone. Isn't Aberdeen searching for Abdirhman Ahmad Noor? If we recall Noor shot two people in Aberdeen and then decided to peace-out right out of town. Isn't this great news. The religion of peace and its followers are assimilating so well.

I've heard from 2 people now that refugees resettled in Aberdeen raise chickens in their apartments? Supposedly, cupboard doors are taken off, covered back over with wire and live, farm animals replace food and dishes? Can anyone else elaborate on this through-the-grapevine information?

How's the No Go Zone book going? I'm rereading chapter 4: From Sweden with rape. I can't believe how many police officers are quitting because of the serious dangers they have come to face with mass migrants being shipped in. Such a shame.

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