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March 01, 2018


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Here's just one example of SNAP fraud.

larry kurtz

This from the conservative-leaning Albuquerque Journal:

"If Trump wants to save money on SNAP and honor the ‘N’ that stands for nutrition, he should propose long-past-due reforms that cut abuse and the purchasing of junk food.

Too many New Mexicans and Americans depend on SNAP to stretch their grocery dollars. Sending out boxes of packaged food nobody wants won’t help them or taxpayers."


Steve Sibson

Larry, people have been indoctrinated with the public education system's artificial self esteem propaganda in health class, so food is for fun, not nutrition. And junk food is one way corporations make money. So that is why people on welfare get fat while corporatists get rich.

larry kurtz

Trump's plan is racist. "On the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, for example, there are about 40,000 residents spread over some 3,500 square miles and just three supermarkets. Prices in those stores are often very high. The stores bring in goods from Rapid City or neighboring Nebraska, and store owners say fuel costs force them to set higher prices."



Steve, you're sounding too logical and factual, that's not allowed. What are you thinking?

sarc off.

Why is bread placed on the bottom of the 'food pyramid', the largest section? Students easily can interpret that placement as indicating most of their food intake should come from grains. Diabetics must strictly monitor carbohydrates so to maintain healthy blood sugar levels; Type 1 diabetes is diagnosed in thousands of children yearly. I see a bit of a contradiction between the food pyramid and actual nutrition and this is taught throughout grade levels.

Indoctrination begins in PreK and continues all the way through into university level academia, and at this point a new language is being invented. I'd say it's similar to Scientology's level of achieving 'full clarity'...right off the deep end;)

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