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April 04, 2018


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larry kurtz

Mr. LaFleur is the perfect choice for principled conservatives! Now, does anyone know an attorney with his conservative credentials to run for Attorney General as a third party or unaffiliated candidate?


Pat and Cory are often on the same page. They also refuse to allow opposing views express their thoughts. Since I questioned what the difference was between Dan Lederman being registered as a Democrat while leading the SDGOP and the Libertarian candidate not being registered as a Libertarian, I was no longer given a voice on SDWC. To boot, I quoted the Argus and the post kept getting taken down.

Sometimes it just takes time to expose people's true colors and SDWC is clearly promoting the Establishment. I'm actually surprised to see Jackley and Noem continue to advertise there.

I get a kick out of PP's disgust for people who post anonymously. If he didn't allow anonymous comments, there would only be a handful of thoughts and many would be the same... a boring bubble.

I am so excited for Anni Cyrus to come and speak in South Dakota. Wouldn't it be something to watch her debate Taneeza Islam?

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