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November 18, 2020


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larry kurtz

We all know Republican South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is a racist but now my home state has gone from being America's laughing stock to becoming a co-conspirator in hate crimes. Of course she knows Native Americans and other children of color are more at risk to Covid-19 so exposing them in greater numbers translates to fewer Democratic voters.

Democratic Attorneys General are gathering evidence that Donald Trump is committing crimes against humanity not just in New Mexico but in all of Indian Country.

The Obama Administration cut funding to the lab in Wuhan after teams from Australia, the US and China discovered this novel coronavirus strain in 2014 but it took Donald Trump to weaponize it. In past years the Trump Organization has used the federal courts to punish tribal nations who built casinos Trump said were competition but today the White House is slow-walking resources to reservations while deploying COVID-19 as a biological weapon in Native America.

That "Pocahontas" thing Trump does to Senator Elizabeth Warren doesn't just betray his hatred for women; it's a tell that he loathes American Indians no matter how much or how little Native blood a person has. That Republicans continue to prop up his assault on the courts and stoke his criminal race baiting is the most telling aspect of this march toward the abyss.

Make no mistake: Donald Trump and Republicans like Kristi Noem are targeting Indian Country for annihilation. His Tulsa trip and the Sturgis Rally in occupied South Dakota are spreading the virus all over Native America. It’s called ethnic cleansing even genocide elsewhere but in Trump’s America it’s called patriotism. Unless Republican Earth haters recognize the clear and present danger this president represents doom is imminent.
“The institute was the brainchild of Trump’s longtime lobbyist and consultant, Roger Stone, and Trump himself was hands-on — not just paying the bills, but signing off on ad copy or radio scripts depicting the tribe as violent criminals and drug dealers. When Stone hired private investigators to dig up dirt on the Mohawks, Trump secretly paid the bills.”[LA Times]
Gov. Noem has simply become a pinup for Trump and the Kochs so boycotting South Dakota is apparently the only language the Republican Party seems to understand

Steve Sibson

Larry, thanks for providing us an example of one who has bought into the communist propaganda.

larry kurtz

Your boss Toshiba, for one.


larry kurtz

Collectivism is arguably the most important feature binding every surviving human culture on the Earth today yet modern purely socialistic societies have struggled with longevity. Why? Probably because US capitalists have warred against any and all efforts at pure socialism around the globe since it was defined in the modern sense even as those wars are bankrupting America today. Although the term “socialist” wasn’t widely used until the nineteenth century it's of little consequence as it has existed in its purest form for nearly all of human history. Indigenous cultures lived in collectivist economies long before migrating to this hemisphere.

In his 1964 groundbreaking work on the Plains Indians Royal Hassrick said, "the Sioux practiced Communism with extreme prejudice." -The Sioux: Life and Customs of a Warrior Society.

Capitalist indoctrination has destroyed hope in Indian Country where throughout herstory family and community have been more important than money and consumerism.

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