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November 18, 2020


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larry kurtz

John Thune is a top recipient of dollars from telecom. The paper trail is clear: John Thune made Congress look the other way as Russia infiltrated Facebook.

9 May, 2016: former Facebook workers allegedly told Gizmodo they routinely suppressed news from conservative sources.

10 May, 2016: Thune’s office wrote a letter to Facebook then he, other earth haters and Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus teamed up to threaten Facebook. "Senator Thune (R) once opposed the FCC's Fairness Doctrine now wants Q&A with Facebook about its trending topics."

18 November, 2016: Thune: "Russia is constantly looking for ways to undermine and disrupt our democratic systems." Thune knows this because he played basketball with James Comey.

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