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November 27, 2020


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larry kurtz

Republican election fraud is hardly new.

As we circle back to the events of 11 September, 2001 it's important to remember that had SCOTUS actually heard Bush v. Gore and ruled for Al Gore rather than upholding Jeb’s secretary of state (massive election fraud in Ohio notwithstanding) the entire head-lopping W performed on the chain of command would have been avoided. And, when you're appointed POTUS by your brother(s) or your father, you lop all the heads of those with whom you do not agree when you come to office because you're focused on deposing Saddam, the winner of the first Gulf War. CIA analysts were threatening to resign ahead of the event as the Bush cabal bobbled the ball.

The Deep State put Trump in the White House because they're the Mob, too and he’s leveling the other guys’ poppy fields and heroin distribution with bombers from South Dakota while leaving the friendly opiate trade to flourish. The Trump Organization is an equal opportunity money launderer doing it for CIA and other Deep State actors for decades.

larry kurtz

Dominion Voting Systems Says Sidney Powell’s ‘Bizarre’ and ‘False’ Fraud Claims Have Led to Death Threats and Other Crimes

larry kurtz


Steve Sibson

Larry, why are you promoting the Deep State's pro-capitalist propaganda?

larry kurtz

The Deep State consists of America's oligarchs - the ones who have been further enriched by the coronavirus outbreak. Meanwhile, South Dakota has become a corporatist tax haven for an exclusive set of Republicans while over $3 trillion languishes in South Dakota banks. Divining an alternate universe where Randy Scott is still cruising the Moody County back roads while a Hellbent Bill Janklow is lurking at every intersection in South Dakota's ideological landscape is easier than imagining the decriminalization of Citibank's prospectus.


larry kurtz

If your sources were accurate (they’re not) the 2016 election would have been rigged for Secretary Clinton.


Steve Sibson

2016 was why they decided they (Deep State) needed to cheat with mail in ballots.

larry kurtz

So, you want to nullify votes because Charles Koch admitted he backed the wrong side?

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