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December 23, 2020


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larry kurtz

31 May, 2016: John Thune backs Trump.
8 October, 2016: Thune condemns Trump.
12 October, 2016: Thune flips again and backs Trump.

It's probably true that John Thune no longer represents a majority of South Dakotans but what worries me is that the extreme white wing of the Republican Party is following a career criminal like Donald Trump into civil war just to own the libs.

My prediction? Moderate John Thune won’t seek re-election and Kristi Lynn Arnold Noem (KLAN) will become South Dakota's junior US Senator.

Steve Sibson

Larry, or will there be a Thune vs Noem primary?

larry kurtz

That's just not going to happen, Steve. Backed by the Council for National Policy Noem is milking the prosperity gospel for all of its worth because money is her real god.

[From the editor: No personal attacks Larry. Let's stick to policy positions.]

larry kurtz

At his blog, Dakota War College obese Brookings blogger Pat Powers routinely smears principled conservatives who don't bend the knee to the South Dakota Republican Party establishment. Pernicious Pug Powers, who makes a stopped clock look like a well-greased machine, salts his blog comment section with a seemingly infinite variety of aliases that threaten or jeer his political enemies. That SDGOP condones, encourages and even pays Pat Powers to threaten, malign, bully and libel women while their party standard-bearers preach the protection of women is a measure of hypocrisy that strains human gauges. He has long been banned from this and other South Dakota related sites because of a constant stream of bigotry, misogyny and other hate speech.

Potential primary or third party candidate, Shad Olson has had enough.
"All roads lead to a new American civil war as patriots and communists wait on pins and needles to see whose turn it is to lead the charge of the light brigade. Intimidation, threats of violence and promised reprisals are the language of the militant left as illustrated perfectly by Michigan Representative, C.A. Johnson who issued an open threat to “Trumpers” and then doubled down on it in her latest unhinged violent rant." [Olson, Faceberg post]

There is a mass exodus underway from the SDGOP and there isn’t a single story about it in the South Dakota media. Principled conservatives are sick of being lied to by Zionist mob boss Lederman and are already fighting back against the South Dakota Republican Party insiders in the state. South Dakota's most ardent citizens for liberty are recruiting conservatives to run not just in statewide elections but for the legislature, too.

The "Patriot Movement" wants to leave the GOP and form its own party. How would that work in South Dakota, Steve?

tara volesky

Why all the hassle trying to start a new party in which the republican machine will try and sue like they always do. Come on over and join the Libertarian movement if you believe in freedom,anti-corruption and limited government.

larry kurtz

Ideological purists won't join the LP and acknowledge reproductive freedom, Tara. The American Patriot Party stands for Donald Trump and martial law: exactly the stuff that's contrary to what the LP and the Democratic Party fight for. Go to Cowboys for Trump's Faceberg page and see what they are doing here in New Mexico. They make Betty Olson look like a progressive.

larry kurtz

It's no secret that the Trump Organization has been subject to law enforcement scrutiny for decades.

In an interview with Terry Gross in November President Obama mused that four years is the blink of an eye in American history. He and the Clinton campaign knew Trump would destroy the Republican Party so watching that unfolding today is a surprise to very few of us.

And, had former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton been elected in 2016 Paul Ryan would be president today. Her campaign knew that if Hillary won the rabid Republican House would have impeached her, the Senate would have removed her before the 2018 midterms and Trump would be on the sidelines egging them on.

Somebody (Robert Mercer and Cambridge Analytica) promised Paul Ryan the presidency had Clinton been removed and Tim Kaine met an unfortunate end but that all crashed when Trump was installed. There’s no way in Hell the GOP would have given a President Kaine the time to choose a Veep.

The instant Trump concedes and the extreme white wing of his party gives up the money dries up so they will push the "stop the steal" narrative until America flies completely apart.

Every day it looks more and more like the Republican Party is suffering from an epidemic of mass clinical depression and presenting with symptoms of suicide ideation.

The Traveling Dakotan

My good friend Lar, Pat Powers posted this about you "Larry Kurtz has long been banned from this and other South Dakota related sites because of a constant stream of bigotry, misogyny and other hate speech". A 3rd party will only divide the Republican Party which could work to the advantage of the Socialists (Democrats in SD) which none of us want. Change has to be made within the Republican Party but you need to move back first and talk to them face to face.

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